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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Exclusive Image of James Cerne & Shawn Morales from New Loverboy Mag #3 | Love, Music, Fashion, & Sex

From: Accidental Bear
Owner of Loverly Magazine, Michael Turnbull, has given Accidental Bear this exclusive image from #3 of Loverboy Magazine. This is cover number two featuring James Cerne and Shawn Morales

Loverboy Magazine #3 is out now! Find here www.loverboymagazine.com

Shot by: Roman Udalov

In this issue:
– Discover the monsters that lie within Colby Keller.
– Violet Chachki channels her inner damsel in distress.
– Shawn Morales & James Cerne invite us round for dinner.
– We talk Exes and Ohs with the Grammy-nominated Elle King.
– Michelle Visage reads your letters and offers her advice.
– JD Samson discuss Xtina the Feminist, dating Sia, working with Pussy Riot and writing for Gwen Stefani.
– We experience a day in the life of iconic Human Rights activist Peter Tatchell.
– We enter Rosalie‘s legendary wig store in San Francisco.
– Sister Roma introduces the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
And much much more!

Loverboy is the brainchild of journalist Michael Turnbull and was conceived to fill the gap in the market that he saw for high-quality, exclusive content aimed at the international Queer community and their interests and passions. With a music, fashion and adult entertainment contact book bursting at the seams, he was ideally placed to spearhead this new venture.

Design led, the look of Loverboy Magazine is as essential to its appeal as the exclusive content and distinctive “high-end, yet edgy” style that appeals to the fashion conscious, yet independently minded reader. Over 120 pages, Loverboy bridges the gap between the glossy fashion “books” and the mass-media celebrity magazines.

With an eye for the unusual, overlooked, iconic and innovative, and a focus on current and developing trends, Loverboy delivers engaging, exclusive content across a range of areas linked to lifestyle, Queer-culture and the gay scenes of London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and other major European cities.

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