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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Todd Hanebrink & his NYC BUNS

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
I first profiled New York actor, singer, dancer and model Todd Hanebrink back in 2009 when I was still using the label, Hunk of the Day. Todd had just finished a North American tour of Wicked and his series of Todd's images from Johnny Photography were definitely some of the hottest images of a model in a kilt I had seen.

I have kept up with Todd's busy career which included a turn in last Winter's Nutcracker Rouge. Although Todd is not in this year's production, his posting of an image from last Christmas (see below) certainly let me know that a FH update was due! Maintaining his body for costumes like the one he barely wore for Nutcracker takes intense work, much of it Todd gets through his job teaching with Kore New York.

The high intensity interval training at Kore certainly helps Todd have incredibly well toned NYC buns that help promote his new clothing apparel line, NYC Buns that Todd founded to promote pet rabbit awareness and to help his local rabbit shelter. Many of you might have read, or seen images of Todd and one of his three pet bunnies before. Todd, and his furry friends, have been featured in The NY Daily News, and even got a mention on morning talk show Kelly & Michael.

'I'm turning into a creepy cat lady, but with rabbits,” laughs Todd Hanebrink, who keeps three bunnies in his Chelsea apartment, and documents their every adorable move under his YouTube and Instagram handle NYC Buns'

Todd is well known in his neighborhood for walking his largest rabbit, a 15-pound Flemish Giant named Dumbo, around on a harness. The other two members of Todd's cuddly trio are Dumbo’s girlfriend, Diva, a Holland Lop and Diesel, a Velveteen Lop. They say that dogs have owners, cats have staff and bunnies, well, they have people that work for them. Todd's bunnies certainly have inspired him to work to educate and support all things rabbit related. If you're interested in learning more, or contacting Todd about his apparel line, check out his Instagrm HERE:

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