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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Soap Dish #10 (In Which You Are Invited To A Pine Valley Wedding)

From: Deep Dish
Today we revisit All My Children and the dramatic events leading up to the wedding of Adam Chandler and Dixie Cooney on June 1, 1989. Unfortunately, most of the 25 episodes below are edited, but you can still enjoy this main story line  (Click Here For Previous Soap Dish Posts).

Pat Baxter - Lee Chamberlin
Adam Chandler - David Canary
Dixie Chandler - Cady McClain
Julie Chandler - Lauren Holly
Ross Chandler - Robert Gentry
Stuart Chandler - David Canary
Marian Colby - Jennifer Bassey
Melanie Cooney - Paige Turco
Palmer Cortlandt - James Mitchell
Will Cortlandt - Lonnie Quinn
Sean Cudahy - Alan Dysert
Skye Cudahy - Robin Christopher
Tom Cudahy - Richard Shoberg
Bitsy Davidson - Ann Flood
Brooke English - Julia Barr
Myrtle Fargate - Eileen Herlie
Dr. Angie Hubbard - Debbi Morgan
Jeremy Hunter - Jean LeClerc
Natalie Hunter - Kate Collins
Cecily Kelly - Rosa Nevin
Nico Kelly - Maurice Benard
Marcia - Lori-Nan Engler
Dr. Joe Martin - Ray MacDonnell
Joey Martin - Michael Brainard
Ruth Martin - Mary Fickett
Tad Martin - Michael E. Knight
Barbara Montgomery - Susan Pratt
Erica Kane Montgomery - Susan Lucci
Jackson Montgomery - Walt Willey
Travis Montgomery - Larkin Malloy
Karen Parker - Ellen Wheeler
David Rampal - Trent Bushey
Marissa Rampal - Nancy Addison
John Remington - Eddie Earl Hatch
Donna Sago - Candice Earley
Jasper Sloane - Ronald Drake
Myra Murdock Sloane - Elizabeth Lawrence
Olga Svenson - Peg Murray
Stan Ulatowski - Eugene J. Anthony
Langley Wallingford - Louis Edmonds
Phoebe Wallingford - Ruth Warrick
Dr. Cliff Warner - Peter Bergman

Monday, May 1, 1989
Erica is upset when Jackson agrees with Travis that they should hire Barbara. Dixie is convinced that Brooke knows the truth about her baby.

Tuesday, May 2, 1989
Dixie and Ross tell Adam that Brooke knows the truth, but Adam refuses to believe them.

Wednesday May 3, 1989
Brooke confronts Dixie about her nightmare. Adam convinces Dixie to go to Sea City.

Thursday, May 4, and Friday, May 5, 1989
Marissa and Jeremy kiss after being held hostage. Melanie and David ride horses in West Virginia as Peter Cetera sings "Glory of Love". Cecily has Nico pick a name from a hat to determine whom she will marry in order to get her trust fund money. A suspicious Brooke hires a private eye to follow Adam, who sleeps with Dixie again. Dixie believes Adam's pledge of love when he chooses her over Brooke. Brooke discovers Adam and Dixie in an embrace.

Monday, May 8, and Tuesday, May 9, 1989
Brooke tosses her wedding ring at Adam and later breaks down at Laura's grave. She is then almost hit by Tom's car. Dixie meets a minister named Kevin while praying in his church. Nico and Cecily announce to their friends that they are getting married. Julie shows up at Nico and Cecily's engagement party.

Wednesday, May 10 - Friday, May 12, 1989
Dixie tells Will that she's carrying Adam's baby, and he later confronts Adam with a bullwhip. Adam presses assault charges against Will, who is arrested.

Monday, May 15 - Wednesday, May 17, 1989
Dixie convinces Adam to drop the charges against Will, who is released from jail. Brooke tells Adam their marriage is over, and he later learns that she has filed for a divorce. Nico and Cecily marry and spend their honeymoon in New York City. Travis agrees to let Erica move in with him to take care of Bianca, who has the chicken pox. Julie accepts a summer job with Jackson.

Thursday, May 18, 1989
Adam hires Sean to work at Tempo. Adam tries to reconcile with Brooke, but after she rejects him, he asks Dixie to marry him.

Friday, May 19, 1989
After learning that Adam is the father of Dixie's baby, Palmer thinks it's in Dixie's best interest to marry Adam. Travis thinks Erica is trying to seduce him. Dixie turns down Adam's marriage proposal.

Monday, May 22, 1989
Although he and Cecily have to wait six months to get her trust fund money, Nico calls off their annulment and seeks a loan so they can purchase the club. Palmer catches Natalie when she breaks into Marissa's hotel room. Cliff proposes to Angie.

Tuesday, May 23 - Wednesday, May 31, 1989
Travis and Barbara kiss. Adam pretends to be Stuart, hoping to make Dixie think that Adam is planning to kill himself. He is delighted when his plan makes Dixie agree to marry him. Brooke changes her mind about quitting Tempo. After Stuart reveals that he didn't talk Dixie into going to see Adam in Sea City, Tad realizes that Adam pretended to be Stuart. Rushing to stop Adam and Dixie's wedding, Tad spots Skye crying in the rain, and she is then struck by lightning.

Thursday, June 1, 1989
Adam and Dixie are married just before Tad carries an unconscious Skye into the room. Ross finds Natalie out in the rain after Jeremy breaks up with her. Nico and Cecily name their nightclub "Kelly's". Tad tells Dixie that Adam pretended to be Stuart.

Friday, June 2, 1989
Adam goes to see Brooke to tell her he loves her, but she tells him to go home to his wife.

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