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Saturday, January 25, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

Rugby player Stuart Reardon is perfectly okay stripping naked for gay magazines, and I do not object to his decisions in life at all. If we hadn't been lusting after him for years, I imagine the initial “whoa” factor would have bumped him up several spots on this list. Keep in mind, the initial “whoa” factor hasn't exactly worn off yet. He’s still pretty damn “whoa”.

Oh, Stuart Reardon. Stuart REARdon. See? Gay Times is kinda sorta smaht in their marketing. That Stuart Reardon ass shot was used as the cover for the physical magazine sent to subscribers. Shifty gay British bastards!

You've seen rugby god Stuart on Manhunt Daily before, and there is much rejoicing when he takes new pics. I personally felt that there weren't enough shots from the Gay Times article available to us. So I did what any self-respecting gay porn blogger would do. I took my ass over to Stuart Reardon’s Twitter and ransacked hot photos of him. Stuart is one of those slightly vain hot people in that his Twitter is FULL of fap-worthy pics of himself.

Wouldn't a scene in which Stuart jacks his dick to pics of himself be hot? It’s not douchey! It would only douchey if he were gross.

Stuart Reardon as Jesus. OK.

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