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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hugh Jackman Naked And Gay (Not)!

From:  DNA
 These are the amazing pics of Hugh Jackman swimming nude and holding hands with his male trainer after a beach rendezvous.

The hot pictures show the Australian actor, currently finishing filming on Wolverine, swimming naked and acting very friendly with his personal trainer.

Alas, as you would have guessed, the 'naked and gay' Hugh Jackman can only remain a dream for those who'd like to see it.

As hot as they are, these fantasy pics are just that - some cleverly Photoshopped pictures of Hugh Jackman and his trainer swimming at the beach.

The person behind the blog Pretty On The Outside has tweaked the pics to make it look like Hugh Jackman is naked and holding hands with his gay lover/trainer.

Fake as these photos may be, it's definitely some nice imagery for the old spank bank!

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