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Thursday, February 9, 2017

GayHoopla Subtweets Kyle Dean After He Asks For Scenes, Money, And Uber Rides

From: Str8Up Gay Porn
 While I prefer Twitter wars where tweet recipients are tagged, sometimes the best shade is a tweet without the @, and GayHoopla appears to have done just that with this subtweet:

 There are a couple former GayHoopla models who this could be about (Adam Bosco?), but given his recent activity on Twitter begging for money/scenes/Uber rides, GayHoopla was probably throwing shade on former GayHoopla model Kyle Dean.

 Over the weekend, Kyle Dean took to Twitter asking fans for some money:

 $50 for a car repair doesn’t sound like a very serious car repair?
Straight porn studio HotGuysFuck (which is owned and operated by GayHoopla) replied to Kyle Dean, but it feels like they were trolling him, not actually offering him money:

 Sadly, Kyle Dean fell for it, and he even went so far as to offer his services as a bottom. He must really need to repair his friend’s dad’s car!

When not looking for car repair money, Kyle Dean has been asking for money in exchange for Skype shows (but not escorting, or you’ll be blocked), and also Uber rides:

 While no one appears to have provided Kyle Dean with an Uber ride, a robot account did offer him a Lyft promo code.

 Finally, on Tuesday, Kyle Dean tweeted that he’d be filming again soon, which is probably what prompted the GayHoopla subtweet (posted nine minutes after Kyle Dean’s tweet) about an unnamed model who won’t be working with them ever again.

 Kyle Dean could of course be referring to Corbin Fisher, which is where he filmed (as “Nash”) after leaving GayHoopla last year. (And that move to a competing studio is likely what caused the rift between Kyle Dean and GayHoopla in the first place.)

If worst comes to worst and Kyle Dean doesn’t receive any money, scenes, or Uber rides from his Twitter followers, he could just retire from porn, which is what he promised to do last month after insulting “weird fuckers” and trans people.

Kyle Dean has responded to this story and the apparent GayHoopla subtweet:


Just a warning to followers or fans of Kyle Dean, there was an additional Kyle Dean account on Twitter that was more than likely fake and not the actual Kyle Dean, and it was using the @ “KyleDeanXXX2.” This account was actually deleted moments ago, but all day long, it had been harassing other gay porn stars (it was sending tweets to Jake Bass asking for his Twitter password!) while asking for money from fans and followers at the same time, all while posing as Kyle Dean.

This fake account—which, again, Str8UpGayPorn does not believe was the actual Kyle Dean—was able to scam at least one person out of $50, which Str8UpGayPorn was able to confirm and received a record of:

As soon as the donor realized that he had been tricked, the fake Kyle Dean blocked the donor on social media.

The real Kyle Dean, meanwhile, just tweeted fans to remind them that he had no “new” account, and that he was still using the same one he’s always had. (One of the impostor’s tweets claimed that he had to start a new account.)

Long story short: Be careful who you give money to on the internet.

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