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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brad Pitt Gives Up Pot and Why It’s Ruining Our Heteroflexible Fantasy!

Brad Pitt apparently is ditching weed 
From: Gay Pop Buzz
 We love Brad Pitt around this blog. What’s not to dig about the 53-year old stud? Between his bright blue eyes and devilishly charming grin, the guy is an all-around stud!

That’s why we were really bummed when we caught word that Pitt is giving up pot – forever.

Seriously, we’re not making this up. Why he’s ending his alleged relationship with 420 is anyone’s guess. There are different theories.

Some folks think it’s because of the custody battle with wife Angelina over the six kids. Others think Pitt had a bad reaction to some weed last year and decided to swear it off.

And it’s not like his use of the drug isn’t well documented. Check out this piece by Vulture.

 According to the February  20, 2017  edition of the tabloid rag,  Globe, (something we read each week), the yummy actor apparently came down with a bad case of reefer madness not too long ago “outside an L.A. recording studio.”

Apparently, during a filming of his upcoming Netflix movie, War Machine, Pitt became highly agitated when he saw staffers in the parking lot passing around a doobie and freaked out.

“[He] was furious and scared to death of any bad publicity,” chirps the Globe’s insider.

The unnamed person goes on to say:

“He raged, I’m in a fucking custody battle from hell – this kind of shit that could kill me!”

Apparently, after a long day in the studio and after the blowup, he ordered pizza for everyone. But he was too wigged out by stress and reefer madness to even take a nibble.

“When someone asked if he wanted some, he shook his head and said, I can’t eat,” tattles the source.

The story’s informant goes on to say that Pitt allegedly apologized to everyone for getting upset. “I’m walking the straight and narrow!” he is reported to have said.

Here’s our two cents. We LOVE Brad Pitt. And if it is true he is doing away with weed, that kind of sucks!

You may be wondering why?

We’ve long held powerful fantasies of giving him a bro job as part of his alleged heteroflexibility. Oh, haven’t you heard of that term before? If not, here’s a quick definition.

Heteroflexibility is when a dude smokes some weed or gets otherwise bombed and is open to man exploration. It’s true. The term is even listed in the Urban Dictionary. See our post.

What really stinks is that his departure from the herb is happening just as we were getting our hopes up! Don’t you remember that story about Pitt occasionally hooking up with other men? We do. 

Oh well – all we can do is keep watching him in movies and continue to engage in wishful thinking. That’s because Brad Pitt is a full on stud baby! 🙂

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