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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cazzo Club Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary All Month

Cazzo Club's journey began in 1996. They've had some highs and lows, but still remain a powerhouse.
From: Fleshbot
 When you think of gay porn, what cities come to mind?

 Most American porn seems to be produced in California or New York, and Florida to a lesser extent. Even on the European side, most European gay porn seems to be made in London. 

 Other companies may have strongholds in other cities - Island Studs features men on vacation in Hawaii; New York Straight Men...had a very telling name; Men At Play is based in Spain; Lucas Kazan is based in Italy; Jason Sparks travels all over the country - but California, NYC, and London, tend to remain the bastions of gay porn cities. 

 Cazzo Club, based in Berlin, has a storied history, but has always flown under the radar of it's more well-known Counterparts.

 Call it a "Gay porn counter culture" if you will. And Cazzo sought to chronicle as much of Gay Berlin's sex culture / counter-culture as possible.

 From Cazzo Club:

A large part of the success story was always the city of Berlin. In many scenes, the German pigs are in the streets, backyards and forests of the city.
Scenes filled with German police, craftsmen and doctors have inspired more than their fair share of Germanic lust among people. Their fuck stories were colorful and cultural.

 This counter culture was part of the appeal of Cazzo to many of us; they portrayed sex in a way many of us were having it or wished to have it.

 Through the 90s, they even birthed some household names, like Jens Hammer (their first bonafide star) and Thom Hammer. In fact, their scene together is STILL one of my favorites, and is possibly one of the best gay porn scenes ever.

 The site went away for a few years, but returned to producing gay porn in early 2016.

 The great thing is unlike many sites and projects, which lose sight of who they are, Cazzo Club has not - even their new scenes stay true to the sex counter cultured of Berlin that made them famous.

 What is your favorite scene from Cazzo Club?

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