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Friday, May 20, 2016

Trans Woman Banned From Club’s Bathroom For Not Having Doctor’s Note

A spokesman for the club said he was "trying to protect her as much as the others."
From: NewNowNext
 A spokesman for Fever nightclub in Gloucester, England is standing by the club’s decision to bar a transgender women from using the ladies’ restroom because she didn’t have a doctor’s note proving she is transgender.

The woman, 24-year-old Morganna Snow, said she’s been transitioning publicly for less than a year, but she never had an issue using the restroom at Fever until Saturday night, when she was escorted to a single-stall restroom by a bouncer around 1am after patrons complained about her using the women’s restroom.

“It was a horrible feeling being told that. I was made to feel so small and felt violated,” Morganna told the Gloucestershire Citizen. “It made me feel like what I was doing was wrong, but to me using the men’s toilets can be quite frightening.”

She added: “At the end of the day I think wherever you feel most comfortable should be where you are allowed to go. I might not look like a woman on the outside but up here I am a woman. And for somebody to take that away from me – I didn’t feel like a woman.”

Morganna also claims the bouncer who escorted her to the private restroom “slapped her on the bum,” and that the restroom didn’t have a functioning lock, which made her feel vulnerable and scared of potentially being humiliated by someone barging in.

Morganna said the incident made her feel like her “human rights had been taken away.”

“I was made to feel like I had a disability, but being transgender isn’t a disability,” she said.

A spokesperson for the club confirmed that Morganna was asked to use a single-stall restroom because more than 20 patrons had complained.

“I feel sorry for her but at the same time I had up to 20 female customers coming to me with complaints that there was a man in the women’s toilets and they felt uncomfortable,” he said.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said Morganna would have been allowed to use the women’s restroom if she had a doctor’s note.

“If she was in possession of a doctor’s note that explained she was going through transition then of course, we would allow her to use the toilets as we have done for other customers in the past that are going through the transition,” he said. “And, with the doctor’s note, I could then easily turn around to the other customers who were complaining and explain the situation and explain why it was allowed.”

“I was trying to protect her as much as the others.”

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