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Friday, April 1, 2016

Brokenhearted Ex Can’t Let Go In “This Idea Of Us”

"I'm drowning in this idea of us."
From: NewNowNext
One man faces the tormenting memories of a past relationship in the new short film, “This Idea of Us.”

The film, directed by Geej Ower, sees one man combating (both literally and figuratively) the presence of a former male lover, as he aimlessly drifts through a sparsely-decorated house.

The scenes are set to the haunting melody of Jono McCleery’s song “This Idea Of Us.” As the man staggers about, fighting back ghosts and his own crippling addictions to alcohol and drugs, McCleery’s lyrics softly bleat in the background:

As strong as you seem
You’ve only seen my softer side
You’re falling for me
and I ought to hide
Cos you don’t know me
though you confide in this
of us

The video perfectly captures that particular type of melancholic pain that exists at the intersection of reality and memory in the wake of a breakup. It’s both stark and incredibly moving.

Check out the video below!

And for the original song:

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