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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shirtless Israeli Dude Challenges NBA Player Nate Robinson During Live Newscast

"When do you want? If you’ve got money we’ll play one-on-one."
From: NewNowNext
 Slam dunk king Nate Robinson recently announced his intention to join the NFL after a decade with the NBA. But the former Knicks point guard is currently in Israel, where he’s playing for the Israeli Basketball Premier League’s Hapoel Tel Aviv.

He was doing an interview with Israel’s Sport 5 channel, in fact, when a shirtless bicyclist rode in on camera and challenged him to a basketball game.

“What’s up, Nate,” asked Raz Nisim Cohen. “I want to play with you one-on-one.”

בזמן הראיון שלנו עם נייט רובינסון קרה לו הדבר הבא....האייטם המלא היום בחמישיות, 23:40 ב-(ערוץ 56) 5PLUS ו-5SPORT HDNate Robinson Hapoel Tel Aviv BC

Robinson, one of the shortest NBA players of all time, asked “When?” and bumped fists with him.

“When do you want? If you’ve got money we’ll play one-on-one.”

Cohen, it turns out, has some pro basketball experience. During their impromptu chat, he boasted of beating numerous ballers. “Nate, I’ll kick your a**, baby,” Cohen shouted from afar, prompting a laugh from the 5’9 athlete.

“I’ll bust his a**,” replied a deadpanned Robinson.

הרגע הזה בחיים שאתה פוגש כוכב כדורסל מהמדליקים בתולדות ה -nba#והנמוך שבהם ששיחק אי פעם !!#אין_דבר_העומד_בפני_הרצון_Nate robinson
Later, Cohen posted a photo on Facebook with Robinson. In English, the message reads “That moment in life when you meet one of the most brilliant basketball players in the history of the NBA, and the shortest of them to ever play.”

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