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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Continental Baths

In February 1975 a movie filmed at and set around the Continental Baths - Saturday Night at the Baths comes out in New York City.

Original 1975 Movie Poster

Saturday Night at the Baths 
Release Date
February 14, 1975

The Continental Baths, a favorite hangout of New York homosexuals, provides the background of this socially conscious comedy drama that tries to examine the relationships between gay and heterosexual people. The story centers around a macho, heterosexual piano player who gets a job at the notorious nightclub and must therefore reconsider his attitudes. His girl friend helps him too. In the end, he winds up becoming sure of his sexuality when he tries to sleep with a gay man.
Acting Credits
Ellen Sheppard - Tracy
Robert Aberdeen - Michae
Don Scotti - Scotti
Steve Ostrow - Steve
Janie Olivor
Phillip Owens
R. Douglas Brautigham
Paul J. Ott
Paul Vanase
Lawrence Smith
Caleb Stone
Pedro Valentino
J. C. Gaynor
Ellen Sheppard - Tracy
Robert Aberdeen - Michael
Steve Ostrow - Steve
R.Douglas Brautigham
Paul Vanase
Caleb Stone - Judy Garland
Pedro Valentino
J.C. Gaynor - Shirley Bassey
Toyia - Diana Ross
Paul Ott

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