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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 What the fuck’s up, you horny cock sluts? It’s the man, the myth, the legend Gay Bro Dude. I’m just sitting here sippin’ a beer, eating some leftover ‘za and getting my hairy nuts licked by some bitch blogger that writes for Manhunt Daily. There’s already a shit load of jizz dripping down off his chin, ’cause my buddies just came over to choke that motherfucker with their loads while we finished judging the great Cup-A-Dick Challenge of 2014.

To catch all you bastards up, here’s the fucking deal—I asked you to put your dicks in red solo cups, take a picture and send it to us to win a free, year-long membership to hot-ass college gangbang site Fraternity X. Four of you were man enough to send in your pics, and while I gotta salute all of y’all, only one of you could win. Sorry! That’s just the way the soggy biscuit tastes, br


This dude might have won if he hadn't tried to trick us with some Photoshop bullshit. He’s got a sweet shaft—all nice and thick—and I know a few hungry bottom sluts who would love to slobber on that meat and take it balls deep up their asses. Fuck yeah! Wish I could see this shot without the cup.

One of my buddies likes to pretend he doesn't love getting his hole rammed, but when he saw this thick daddy meat, you could tell he was itching to get down on all fours and take that sweet mushroom head up his chute. He would drain this dude ’til he was dry… Unfortunately, he didn’t follow directions. You can’t just stick your balls in the cup, bro!

This dude was the only other one who followed the fucking directions. I felt like shit for not giving him the prize, since he told me he thinks Fraternity X is “so fucking hot”… But, shit, I just hate those pussy-ass solo cups with the square bottoms. They’re a bitch when you’re trying to play flip cup.

FUCK YES! This boy looks like he should be getting stuffed by the bros on Fraternity X. That’s a sweet ass bush, and I love his treasure trail. As soon as my buddies saw this pic, the vote was unanimous—this dude was, straight up, the winner. We just wished we had some more pics of his hot little ass.

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