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Monday, March 31, 2014


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The Rogers Brothers [Gregg Rogers, Don Rogers], Dr. Paul Keith, Jim Brown, Christopher George, Phil Avalon,Woodroe Parker [Woody Parker], After Love Afterthoughts. 
Playgirl Discoveries
Gene Burton, Jerry Lane, Angie Reno, Terry House, Leonard La Lumiere, Mike Purpus, Ron Henriquez, John Coletti [John Traynor]
Bob Prince-Man for January
John Corvello-Mr. California. Backstage Las Vegas. Al Cavuoto, John Gibson, Biff Manard, Lou Zivkovich Jumbo Poster. 
Florence King, Million Dollar Baby-Seventh Heaven Preview Hal Bennett PLUS!

 Biff Manard (born 1939) is the actor who played the holographic ruffian in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "Elementary, Dear Data". He may best be known for his role as Officer Murphy on The Flash, the series based on the DC Comics superhero which aired in the early 1990s. Manard also played Hap Ashby in Trancers (1985, with Richard Herd and Michael McGrady) and its 1991 sequel, Trancers II (co-starring Jeffrey Combs).

 One of Manard's earliest television appearances was a guest spot in a 1970 episode Mission: Impossible, during which time Leonard Nimoy was a regular player on that series. (Manard's episode, "The Amateur", also featured Peter Brocco and Anthony Zerbe.) Twenty five years later Manard's episode, Manard would appear in the 1995 Bonanza TV special, Under Attack, also featuring Nimoy. Manard was seen in at least four episodes of Bonanza between 1971 and 1972, including one with Don Keefer and another with Noble Willingham. He also appeared in a short film called Cowboysan with Ted Cassidy and directed by Susan Oliver.

 In 1981, Manard appeared on CHiPs while Michael Dorn was a regular on the show. His other TV credits include appearances on Knots Landing (with Allan Miller and Bert Remsen), Night Court (starring John Larroquette, with Paddi Edwards), and Hunter (with Jeremy Roberts). Besides Trancers, his feature film credits include 1980's Pray TV (with Charlie Brill), 1981's Underground Aces (with Frank Gorshin and Sid Haig), St. Helens (with Nehemiah Persoff), and Buddy Buddy (with Michael Ensign and Ed Begley, Jr.), 1983's Off the Wall (starring Paul Sorvino and Monte Markham), 1988's The Wrong Guys (with Jonathan Schmock), 1992's Desert Kickboxer (with Robert O'Reilly), 1994's Art Deco Detective (co-starring Stephen McHattie) and Blankman (with Jason Alexander), 1996's Stitch (with Mariette Hartley), and 1997's Eight Days a Week (with Darleen Carr, Van Epperson, Catherine Hicks, and Mark L. Taylor).

 After an eight year absence from film and television, Manard recently appeared in an episode of the short-lived CBS series Smith, starring Virginia Madsen. The episode in which he appeared also featured William Lucking, Billy Mayo, and Barbara Tarbuck.

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