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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ask QC: My Ass Hole Is Too Tight

From:  Queer Click

Dear QC

I love sex! Well that’s why I’m here hehe and wanted some advice too. Up till now all the sex I’ve had has been like, Blow Jobs and Jerking Off and stuff, but now I feel I’m ready to be and really want to be fucked. I got a great new BF and he really wants to fuck me but I’ve been holding off (not cos I don’t want it) but basically cos I never did it before.

I know my asshole is probably too tight cos it even hurts when I just put my finger there. Are there any special exercises I can do to help make my hole ready to receive his cock? I really don’t want to have the embarrassment of not being able to take his cock up my ass when my boyfriend wants to do it.

I suppose the good thing is that his cock isn’t that big really, but I’m still worried that my ass will be too tight. How long will I need to exercise my ass hole and are there any other things I need to do before getting fucked for the first time?

Thanks everyone for your help, best wishes,

Ass Too Tight.

What say you, dear QC readers? Any ideas or experiences to help Ass Too Tight in his quest to have a pleasurable first fuck? Please feel free to share your own experiences and advice to help him in the comments section.

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