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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Well Strung Quartet

From:  Manhunt Daily

 If you’re the kind of person who has never really listened to music written prior to 1950 or gets bored when anything other than popular dance music comes on, then the chances are you’re, at the very least, willfully naรฏve and you should feel bad about it. There’s a reason composers like Mozart, Bernstein, Stravinsky and Wagner have stood the test of time. It’s because they were geniuses in the most all-encompassing sense of the word.

But don’t worry! The Well Strung quartet—Edmund Bagnell (first violin), Christopher Marchant (second violin), Trevor Wadleigh (viola) and Daniel Shevlin (cello)—has come along to usher you into the world of string quartets in a painless fashion. With dashing good looks and porn star bodies that accompany genuine string instrument talent, all that icky difficulty that comes with listening to a string instrument just melts away.

Now, let’s not get too insane about jumping into the deep end of atonal, post modern composition right away; the clip above is the boys playing a string quartet arrangement of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.

So, now that you’re in, so to speak, here’s their take on Vivaldi. After that, we’ll post pics of the musicians hanging out and looking hot. In fact, why not just press play on the Vivaldi and then slowly and atmospherically scroll through. Check out the arms on that violinist. It’s Vivaldi arm realness is what it is.

Take a look at some pics of the Well Strung quartet below:

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