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Friday, April 21, 2017


From: Gay Porn Blog
 I’m trying to talk to gay people about gay stuff,” says indie game developer Robert Yang. I want to “make Virtual Reality ‘Obscenely Gay'”.

In an article posted Kotaku.com Yang hope his VR games will push people to “challenge their own assumptions about sex, kink, and their own bodies.” Yang explores “the wide world of gay sex and its consequences with an unflinching artistic vision.”

 “Hurt Me Plenty” is about consensual spanking and power negotiation. “Rinse and Repeat” finds you scrubbing down naked men, a comment on the loaded history of public bathhouses.

Yang has a different idea for how he’ll approach VR: By creating art that is “obscenely gay,” Yang hopes that homophobes will quit playing VR games altogether. “It’d be beautiful if I managed to convince them that VR was for gay people, and so these gross people stay away from VR entirely,” he says.

“In the end, tech is going to fuck up every culture it touches,” he says. “But for a little while right now, VR is a weird barely-coherent thing that no one can monetize efficiently, and so they’re funding some interesting art.”

At last years’ SXSW festival, the second longest line was for attendees wanting to hear the ‘VR Porn: Future is Upon Us, What’s Next?’ panel discussion.

Since gay VR offerings are still few, out tech guru, Oscar Raymundo took Naughty America’s latest on a test drive for us.

Oscar found that, “right now VR porn does not yet come close to simulating real sex, and it’s not vastly superior to simply watching porn on your computer.” “Now” being the operative word. How long until we’re all having a gay ‘ole time virtually is unclear. But folks on our side of the aisle are working on it.

VirtualRealGay is making a big push. If you have a smartphone, the designated glasses or goggles, and the tenacity to make them all work in sync with the required phone apps, you are ready to go. But even then, does VR porn really deliver what we need?

VR gear currently available from Google cardboard, Samsung, & Oculus
“People are requesting less sexual positions and more eye contact and dirty talk and being close to the camera,” said Dinorah Hernandez, the content manager for BaDoinkVR. “If the artifice is apparent then you feel like you’re with a hottie, and they want nothing to do with you. People experience that enough in their real life.”

While consumers are demanding more realism from VR technology, once that is achieved, it’s what they want next that was a bit of s surprise. They “value a greater sense of intimacy more than sex: ‘It has to do with an emotional bond’”

A tangible emotional bond stemming from virtual reality sounds like a tall order. But if anyone can figure out how to make that happen, it will happen first in porn.

Have you ever tried 3D or VR porn? Did it do the trick for you? Or, can you be ‘Obscenely Gay’ without it?

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