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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gay-for-pay Sean Cody star found guilty of murdering his wealthy older lover for his fortune

From: Queerty
 A former gay-for-pay adult film star who worked for sites like Sean Cody, Cocksure, and Mormon Boyz has been found guilty of murdering his rich older lover in the hopes of inheriting his fortune.

26-year-old David Enrique Meza appeared in several Sean Cody clips as “Francisco” and also went by the aliases Mario Romo, Rick Romo, and Gonzalez.

According to The San Diego Tribune, he was convicted on Monday of killing 52-year-old Jake Clyde Meredino in Mexico back in May 2015.

According to reports, Meza took his partner to the side of a road in the state of Baja Californica and stabbed him 24 times, slashing his neck and dumping him in a ravine.

The men had been in some sort of relationship since 2013. Meza would’ve inherited the Texan’s $3 million estate, and he was the only named beneficiary of a $275,000 oceanfront condo purchased the day before the murder.

Meza also had a pregnant fiancé, Taylor Langston. She was captured on video re-entering the US with Meza shortly after the murder.

The couple was arrested in December 2015 and claimed they’d been visiting their friend “Joe” in Tijuana. That alibi was proven false in court.

According to Attitude, the case was built solely on circumstantial evidence. No DNA evidence was found at the crime scene.

Meza’s lawyer argued it would’ve been difficult for the small-sized Meza to move Meredino’s body, since the victim weighed about 310 pounds.

After his first alibi proved false, Meza claimed he’d invited his boyfriend to the murder scene to steal his stereo equipment, but then changed his mind and ran away on his bike.

On the second anniversary of Merendino’s death, and after a week of deliberation, jurors found Meza guilty of murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

In a statement, Acting US Attorney Alana W. Robinson said, “David Meza took the life of a man who cared for him, lavished him with expensive gifts and who wanted to create a life with him.”

“On this day, the second anniversary of Jake Merendino’s death, we salute the jury for delivering justice to a greedy killer who will now have to answer for his cruelty.”

His fiancé was charged as as accomplice, and in February pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice as part of a plea deal. She’ll be sentenced next month.

Sentencing for Meza has been scheduled for August 7.

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