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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another Year, Another Fabulous Actress & Gay Icon Snubbed By The Oscars

From: Queerty
Sigourney Weaver
The Ice Storm 

Sigourney Weaver was already beloved by gay men, thanks to her deliciously diabolical turn as executive sociopath Katherine Parker in Working Girl (1989), and her general bad-assness as an interplanetary commando in Aliens (1987), both of which earned her Oscar nominations, in addition to her Oscar nomination for Gorillas In The Mist (1989). But her role in Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm, a gorgeous 1970’s period film about upper middle-class angst, was ignored by the Academy. In The Ice Storm, Weaver plays Janey Carver, a horny housewife who seems determined to bring the American Sexual Revolution to her boring suburban neighborhood, although doing so with somewhat selfish motives.  The movie boasted stellar performances from the entire cast (Joan Allen makes everything better), but  the stand-out was Weaver’s portrayal of restrained, steely and occasionally brash Janey, whose actions spoke much louder than her words, every sideways glance rife with meaning. Still waters run deep, as the say. Not every performance has to be big, and this one proved less is often more.

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