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Friday, September 16, 2016

Lime Street Entertainment: Quirky, Sexy & Irresistibly Fun!

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'My name is Steven and I'm a writer / director of Indie Features Films that range from ArTHouSe to Gay Comedy and Mind Bending Erotic Drama. '

Brandon Rife and Addison Graham in ErOddity(s)
 I think like many of you, I've had a complicated history with Gay Cinema. Throughout my teens, and even into my early twenties, it was all about the nudity. I can't tell you how many films I bought or rented to watch the a movies's one nude scene. I hate to think of how much money I spent at Blockbuster, re-renting Die Hard over and over.  Although I love Die Hard, I didn't rent it to watch, but to put on top of the gay themed movie or foreign film I was really wanting to see  With all this effort, and all that money, I usually had a film with no memorable story, and about 20 or so seconds of flesh.

 As I got older, my tastes certainly expanded, and I was certainly drawn to beautifully shot, character driven gay themed films. That did not mean however, that I still wasn't interested in a decent amount of skin, woven within the tragic and theatrical or course!. Some films and filmmakers managed to get the mix right, again usually foreign films such as two of my favorites, Grande ร‰cole and Y Tu Mamรก Tambiรฉn.

Sean Paul Lockhart on the set of Triple Crossed
Sean Paul Lockhart on the set of Triple Crossed
Now I'm sure that many American directors could have done the same thing, and I'm guessing there plenty who wanted to. My guess is backers may not have seen much of an audience for a gay themed, character/story driven film, with a healthy and hearty dose of male nudity. Thankfully, writer, director, producer and editor Steven Vasquez, still found a way to get his films made.

Steven Christopher Bright plays a
 young stalker in Unsolved Suburbia.
 Two of Steven's films, ErOddity(s) and Counselor Week at Camp Liberty, I had seen before.. I was impressed with well how fully formed his characters were and how quickly I became invested in their pain, loves and especially their lusts. I was also impressed with how straight forward Steven was with nudity, especially male nudity. There is no switch and bate, or teasing of frontals which never actually happen. In Camp Liberty for example, all of the main male cast members take off their clothes. The nude scenes are not just 'blink of you'll miss it' either, nudity and erotica are important elements of the movies, not just something used in promotion to get gay men to fork out a few bucks.

Orion Cross and David Beutler in 
A Siren in the DarK
It wasn't just Steven's movies however, that had me wanting to feature his work, it was also his work as a photographer. I always try to do a little research o the artists I profile. Last month, while profiling Ivan Bohman, I was going through the sexy sixty year old models credited photographers to pick out some favorite images. One of those hotographers listed was LIME STREET, which led me to Steven's ModelMayhem page. I quickly also learned Ivan has been in a couple of Steven's films including his 2014 erotic three part drama, Angels with Tethered Wings. And yes, Ivan has a brief nude scene in the film!

Photographer with Model, Danial Mejia
 I was instantly drawn to Steven's images. Most are shots of the actors in his films, with many behind the scene stills, outtakes and shots taken in between filming. Since Steven's films include nudity, it only made sense that so did some of his images. Many of the faces, and bodies in his films were familiar, some are models as well, with their own Model Mayhem pages.  Not that Steven's actors all have to have model good looks.  Some are goofy, and nerdy and fit the characters they're playing. They are all however, sexy in their own distinct and beautiful way.

Will Branske
 E Ticket Ride

... there were a few familiar models, a couple of whom I featured on FH. In addition to Ivan, I was also pleasantly surprised to see some hot shots of FH favorite Quinn Jaxon. Quinn was a part of Steven's 2013 Horror flick, Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood and has a lead role in the upcoming release, E Ticket Ride.

David Alanson
 Surf and sand, hot guys and gals, drama, fun, and sex - E Ticket Ride is quirky, sexy and irresistibly fun

 Given E Ticket Ride features Ivan and Quinn, and given Steven's MM page had plenty of behind the scene shots from the film, I thought it was a good idea to give it some extra attention. The film is getting close to having a release date, and when it does, I will let you all know how to watch or get your own copy.

E Ticket Ride is a heartwarming story about two best friends, Wesley and Garret. Stumbling through life's hurdles together, they must overcome the battle of love. Afraid of ruining their friendship, Wesley holds in his feelings about Garret, not knowing how it may affect their friendship. Garret also finds his personal battle of acceptance, and impressions, pushed to the limit. If they can let go of their fears, they both may realize what they've been looking for is right in front of them. 

Quinn Jaxon on set

Quinn Jaxon on set

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