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Friday, September 16, 2016

Keith Olbermann Channels Edward R. Murrow in Blistering Takedown of Donald Trump

From: Towleroad

Keith Olbermann is back and taking aim at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Olbermann will be running a new web series for GQ called “The Closer.” In its first episode, Olbermann tallies the 176 most outrageous of Trump’s offenses in his “15-month assault on American democracy.”

Said Olbermann in a call to arms to defeat Trump,

“Every few generations, we Americans are called upon to defend our country. To defend it not so much from foreign dictators or war or terrorism, but from those here who have no commitment to progress or democracy or representative government—no commitment to anything except their own out-of-control minds and the bottomless pits of their egos.
Our society has thrown up these people before: Joseph McCarthy. George Wallace. Father Coughlin. Jefferson Davis. Aaron Burr. The Know-Nothings. The Blacklisters. The America-Firsters. And we have always thrown them out.
And now our generation has its own: the most dangerous individual ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in this country.”

Olbermann proceded to run through all the shocking things Donald Trump has done that we have become numb to because of the bombastic nature of his candidacy. In what is perhaps the most effective assault on Trump, Olbermann attacks the Republican nominee as an almost pathological liar:

The Republican Party has actually nominated for president a man who lied about opposing the war in Iraq, when there is a tape of him supporting it. A taperecorded on the first anniversary of 9/11…
Who lied about opposing the war in Iraq during a speech in which he insisted, “I will never lie to you.”
Who lied about six million dollars in charitable donations to veterans’ groups from his telethon; who lied about donating his profits from The Apprentice, about charitable donations from The Celebrity Apprentice, and from “Trump the Game” to St. Jude Cancer Center.
Who lied about a plan to debate Bernie Sanders for charity.
Who lied about why he wouldn’t release his taxes, because he was being audited and proved himself a liar by saying he would release his taxes if Hillary Clinton released her e-mails; who lied about how much money his father gave him or helped him get, coming out of college; who lied about sending his private jet to ferry stranded U.S. servicemen; who lied about talking to the Attorney General of Florida, who declined to investigate Trump University after she was given a campaign donation; who lied about his business in Russia; who lied about meeting Russian president Putin; who lied about offering child care to his employees, when it was child care for his hotel guests; who lied about “some people” wanting a moment of silence for the murderer of five Dallas policemen; who lied about seeing thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11; who lied about 9/11 hijackers sending their wives and girlfriends home to Saudi Arabia.
Who lied about thousands of Syrian refugee terrorists being secretly admitted to this country; who lied about the Chicago police urging him to cancel a rally; who lied about the Chicago police saying they could solve crime there with “tough police tactics“; who lied about how there was no drought in California, how he never said Japan should have nuclear weapons, how he opposed the ouster of Egyptian president Mubarak, how the unemployment rate is 42 percent.
Who lied about ISIS making millions a week selling Libyan oil; who lied about dozens of secret terrorist cases in this country; who lied that a protester who tried to rush onto his stage had “ties to ISIS”; who lied last May and again last week about refugees entering this country carrying cell phones with “ISIS flags on them” and phone plans pre-paid by ISIS!

Olbermann also made sure to highlight Trump’s heinous response to the Orlando massacre on June 12, saying,

The Republican Party has actually nominated for president a man who congratulated himself in twotweets and a press release for predicting terrorist attacks like Orlando, while bodies still lay in the Pulse nightclub…

Olbermann may as well conclude his segment with, “Good night, and good luck.” But instead he wraps it up with, “This is madness. Any questions?”

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