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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Marcus_M: Recommended

From Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Marcus by studio-monnerville

'I am proud about my body...and I am a little bit a exhibitionist, like every model ;-)'

By Ingo Runde
We have all at one time or another had to put together a resume. One of the most important decisions with every resume, is choosing who to use as your references. You want people who not only know your strengths, but you also want someone with expertise in the field that your applying to work in. When it comes to capturing the male form, Robert J Guttke is not only a expert, but someone whose opinion is based on experience and knowledge, and equally important, always brutally honest.

By Ingo Runde
 In all of the years that I featured Robert's work, I don't remember him ever recommending a model I check out for FH. So... when Robert suggested I check out the portfolio of German model Marcus_M, I took the suggestion seriously. Given Robert began his capturing of the male form for drawings and sculpture, he has a keen eye for bodies and for models that not only look good, but also have the ability to inspire. Many models have the ability to photography well, but not models stimulate the creative impulses of an artist. 

By Ingo Runde
 I think one of the reasons for his strength in front of the lens, is the struggle Marcus went through to get to his current physical state. Marcus describes himself as a very skinny teenager. It wasn't until he was 20 that he decided to make a changes and got into bodybuilding and began to sculpt his body to a place he was proud of. Once Marcus obtained the physical form he was happy with, he decided he wanted to have those muscles, that he worked so hard to achieve, photographed. Originally the images were just for himself, but enjoyed showing off his body, and his hard work, 

By Belkalem

By Belkalem

Although Marcus admits he was a little shy in the beginning, especially when taking off all of his clothes for a shoot, he refreshingly admits that he quickly discovered that he was better looking without clothes. After making this discovery, getting naked for the camera, was no longer an issue. 

Marcus by Izabella Zborowska
 Of course, shooting in the buff isn't without the occasional complication. One of his first shoots was in a waterfall, but... on one of the coldest days of the year. 'It was fucking freezing!' Marcus learned however, that the conditions are less important than who you're working with, and process and results. The shoot, though cold, ended up being a lot of fun, with the resulting images being some of his favorite shots. 

Marcus by Linsengericht
 Shooting nudes, even outside, isn't as big a deal in Germany for the most part as it often can be in America. There are often couples and families out and about walking and enjoying the weather and the outside during his location shoot. Marcus doesn't mind, and they get the added bonus of not only getting to enjoy the scenic landscapes, but an naked bodyscape as well. 

By Justaw Foto

By Justaw Foto
 What part of your body are you most happy with? 
My shoulders and chest

What part gets the most attention from others?
Definitely my ass

By Lischy

By Lischy

I definitely concur that Marcus' ass is a exquisite work of art. I think many of his poses and images are incredibly artistic and can certainly see why he inspired Robert to recommend I check out his portfolio.. As a model, especially one being a bodybuilder, Marcus is able to express a powerful sensuality. Masculinity and strength mixed with a gentle and quiet beauty. 
By pics4you

By Saphira

By Saphira

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