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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Male Model Blur: Joseph Sayers

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Joseph Sayers is one of the biggest examples of the fine line between modeling and a type of soft core porn photo. Joseph hit HUGE popularity on the net prior to any frontals coming forth. His Abercrombie and Fitch shots were posted everywhere. Although Joseph was nude in them, they showed only his amazing back side. Joseph is not your typical male model in that besides print work, he is a bit too short for runway work. Joseph took some nude shots early in his career which were more than just test shots. They were obviously taken for a porn magazine or website given the way the shots were taken. These shots were controversial at the time as there was speculation they were taken when Joseph was under age. Well, Joseph seems to know who is going to pay his rent, and with his popularity within the gay community has continued to model almost exclusively in ads with a focus on sexualized themes and has continued to take it all off for the camera. This seems to limit him to strictly an internet modeling career, but with some of the stunning shots which have come forth, who cares.

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