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Friday, January 1, 2016

Man Steals Butt Plugs Because He Was Embarassed To Buy Them

Christopher Masters Was Released On $500 Bond - About $470 More Than The Cost Of The Plugs
From: Fleshbot
Christopher Masters was arrested after a manager at a Vero Beach, FL Spencer's Location saw him stick two toys - an "Arouz'd Screw Butt Plug" and an "Arouz'd Stroker Can" down his khaki shorts.

Masters tried leaving the store with the toys, but was detained by security. He told security he could afford them, but was afraid to buy them because they were sex toys, reports The Smoking Gun.

Masters was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor shoplifting count. He was released shortly after midnight after posting $500 bond -- about $470.02 more than the cost of the sex toys he was allegedly too embarrassed to purchase.

Can We FINALLY Talk About Male Sex Positivity?
And now for a bait-and-switch.

Can we use this incident to finally talk about male sex positivity? Though many see women's sexual health in danger, I believe that it's actually men's sexual health that is. Women may get slut-shamed, but they're allowed to have sex; society lets women experiment with their sexuality in a way that men aren't allowed to. Female bisexuality and experimenting with other women is hot, and often favored. However, if a man so much as even thinks about another man in a non-sexual way, he's gay.

Since I written about gay porn and sex culture for nearly seven years, I've even seen it first-hand in many-a comment section:

"He's having sex with another man - he must be gay."
"He's having sex with another man AND HIS DICK IS HARD - he must be gay."
"Gay-for-pay my ass; no straight man would have sex with another man, paid or not."
But you'd never see these comments on girl-on-girl porn. I used to agree with these comments, but just like my views on small-to-average penises evolved, so did my views on sex culture.

Even in a five-year-old interview with Gavin Waters on this site, the comments section has recently been re-gnited by a comment he made "all gay porn stars are gay-for-pay, regardless of orientation". His reasoning is that, though gay porn stars may be gay, they may not like or be attracted to their scene partner, and may still be "acting" their way through a scene in the way a straight man would. But gay men didn't stand for it. They used the aforementioned reasoning to try to justify why a straight man would do gay porn.

And to that, I ask: what does someone else's sexuality matter so much for? Why aren't people - men, in particular - allowed to experiment? Is it because heteronormative views have oppressed us so long, that we can't think any other way?

This is essentially a long-winded way of saying this: If you police someone else's sexuality according to your own narrow views, you end up with a man going to jail for shoplifting sex toys, because he's embarrassed about an intense orgasm and wanting to get his p-spot stimulated.

Let people be - let people experiment - and we'll end up with a healthier sex culture overall.

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