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Sunday, June 29, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily
So by now you all know that Manhunt has a Tumblr and Dewitt has a Tumblr, but I’ve got a Tumblr too! And even though I’m just a lowly guest blogger, I thought I’d tell you all about it, anyway. It’s called Naked Pictures Of Your Dad, and it’s been around since the dawn of time (or at least Tumblr-time).

1. The #1 post of the year so far is this
shy-but-not-THAT-shy military man.
 I post a lot of naked older guys, but I also post a mix of any porn that I like and also gay art that I’m into. I’ll also post fashion things that no one pays attention to, and images of straight people fucking, which almost always ends with someone sending me a confused email asking if I’m really gay or not. (Oh well!)

2. Somebody surely know who this guy is, right?
 I don’t post butt shots like Dewitt does, because frankly, his butt is a lot cuter than mine. I’m more than happy to show my dick off, though, if you’re interested. If anyone was interested, I’d also be more than happy to put my dick in Dewitt’s cute butt, but that’s probably in violation of a bunch of workplace ethics codes.

3. He’s got a backup oar just in case
 ANYWAY! The year’s half over, or will be after this weekend, and so I crunched some numbers and figured out my 33 biggest posts of the year so far. Because no one on Tumblr ever credits anything ever, I frequently ask readers for help ID-ing certain hot dudes/talented photographers. So if any of these images look familiar to you let me know! For some reason—censorship? copyright fanatics?—the reverse Google image search isn’t nearly as helpful as it used to be.
 - Lawrence
4. Here’s another one I feel like I ought to know…

5. Slammin’ hot amateur

6. One-time Playgirl model Sean

7. A man who could use a hand

8. Here’s a resource for those of you
into dirty centaurs.

9. This can’t be real, I don’t think.

10. Some of you get off on clothed-female-naked-male scenarios,
I’m sure…

11. Vintage mystery men

12. Another guy that’s clearly a pro at this

13. The eternally hunky Allen Silver

14. Just a man with a camera

15. Vintage hetero porn dude Scott Styles

16. Jimmy Fanz

17. Parker Young and Geoff Stults on FOX’s Enlisted,
which just aired its last episode

18. Someone I wrote an Amateur Hour post about
back when it was winter

19. Clearly a professional photo but the
 internet’s not helping at all

20. Brock Avery and Liam Harkmore at Cocksure Men

21. Aleks Buldoฤek for Raging Stallion

22. Eighties porn star Max Grand

23. Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans
by photographer Thomas Dozol

24. A lot of you are turned off by gray hair
 but this dude’s super hot, I think.

25. I’ve got a log for this fire…

26. Anthony London and Asher Hawk
at Hot Dads Hot Lads

27. Alexander at Southern Strokes

28. Zangief from Street Fighter

29. No idea who he is

30. Bel Ami models circa 2006 or so

31. One I actually know! This is Steve York.

32. I’d skip through his flower bed, whoever he is.

33. Vintage three-way that looks pretty serious.

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