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Monday, April 21, 2014

Your Hunk of the Day : Mark MacKillop

 Happy Monday!

So over the Easter weekend I was busy with some work and of course hanging out with my family, so today's Hunk of the Day is named by my decree instead of the usual public vote. (I think you'll indulge me this once when you see who I've chosen to kick off our week.)

Mark MacKillop is a quadruple threat... actor, singer, dancer, and (of course) stunning male model. (He's also from the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver BC, which is particularly endearing to this Seattle boy.)

Mark is currently on tour with West Side Story in Munich -- you have just the rest of his week to see him perform before he returns to New York City. Today we celebrate him with an exclusive interview, and a gallery of his Munich Hotel Room Selfies.

You'll want to
follow/like him everywhere... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. He's as delightful as he is handsome - so check out our Q&A below!

CHRIS: What's your favorite moment when performing in West Side Story?

MARK: When we bow and the lights come up, and I get to see the faces in the audience... it's nice getting to see who's been watching us.

There are always performances that seem to go a little sideways... any recent wild/wacky performances? What happened?

Well a week ago...

 Our Anita usually gets swung out of the show for the matinees to preserve her voice. Well one day her understudy was sick and unable to go on and that couldn't get a hold of her.. So her second understudy who had never had rehearsals on this tour was thrown on to dance the part with only 45 min notice. It made for a really fun show for everyone to watch someone step up to the plate and impress us.

Woah! How did she do?!?

Amazing! ;)

You push hard in performances and in the gym to maintain your physique -- but what is your favorite cheat day indulgence(s)?

Hmm that's a tough one... I eat pretty well most of the time. My mom is a chef and baker so growing up there was always sweets in the house. To be honest ... Maybe a burger ;) and champagne ;)

Nice choices! With a chef and baker Mother, did you go through a "big kid" phase?

Haha no... Ive been lucky my metabolism has always been crazy high ;) But I think that's due to the fact my mom always cooked. So there was never store bought sugary treats around... Everything was homemade.

Is there anywhere you've toured or traveled that you wish you could have stayed longer at? Anywhere you're itching to return to soon?

Tel aviv. It was amazing ... I got to float in the Dead Sea and visit Jerusalem. And my friends Rephael and Andrey live there so they took me out to some amazing parties ;)

Everyone's Tel aviv beach pictures always look so amazing too.

;) Yeah, everyone is in rediculous shape.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the people of Hunk du Jour, the internet, the world?

Of course... But first, let me take a selfie ;)

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