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Sunday, April 27, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily
CT1172 describes himself as “a man of simple means and simple needs”. You could include a sweaty romp in the sack as part of those needs, but hey, why complicate things? He’s always up for an adventure though, so don’t be shy. Save a horse and ride this week’s Manhunt cowboy!

 First off, I gotta say you have some great photos. How many tattoos do you have?

I have three tattoos. A “C” on my bicep; a stylized “72″ on my rib and then a crane holding an anchor on my shoulder. I got them all in 2013. I think it reflects a mild mid-life crisis. It was either a sports car or tattoos.

Well they look great. And they totally don’t scream “mid-life crisis” like a cherry red convertible would! What brings you to Manhunt?

Thanks!  I’ve been a Manhunt member for years—probably since it first started. I mean, I’ve been doing the online cruising thing since the days of AOL chat rooms. So it was a natural progression from that to Manhunt as the technology changed and improved.

Now we have all the apps. But I find that Manhunt offers a greater variety of men and not just the people within a mile radius of you. I guess I’m here to meet guys. And I also like the “entertainment” of it: to look at pics and see who’s looking at mine.

Nice! A pioneer of the site! I’ve bet you got some hot hookup stories to share…

Haha… Well, when you contacted me for the story, I figured I might need a good story or two and tried to come up with some good ones. I know there were definitely some hot hookups along the way, but the ones that are sticking out to me are the “bad” or “funny” ones.

You know, when the guy doesn't really look like his photos. Or the time I drove all the way out to Virginia (from DC) to play with this allegedly hot jock. But when I arrived and knocked on his door, all I heard was this creepy voice telling me to come in. So, I opened the door and the apartment was pitch black. I tried the light switch, and it didn’t work. And then I heard a voice from down a hallway telling me, “down here.” 

It felt like I was in a horror movie. The lure of a sexy hot stud beat out better judgement, and I went slinking down the hallway to find a guy practically passed out on a mattress in this dirty bedroom. I soon high-tailed it out of there. And now all I can do is laugh… about the situation and my own actions.

That’s probably not the story you were looking for, but it was definitely memorable. And provides an opportunity to remind readers to be safe and be smart and arrange to meet in public.

Whoa! Yeah, that sounds pretty damn creepy. Nowadays guys want a full dossier before even agreeing to continue a conversation. Hopefully the site’s been better to you after that!

Oh, the site is great. And there have been some hot hook-ups. And friends made. But the failed hook-ups always make for the best stories. A sense of humor is very important to me and often that’s the best way to a man’s heart… or pants.

Keep that in mind, boys! So let’s talk about life outside of Manhunt. You've got a connection to someone else we've interviewed, right?

Yes, I believe you interviewed my friend Kenneth Walsh about his book Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? I designed the book cover!

Very cool! How long have you been doing graphic design?

I’ve been a graphic designer my whole professional career. I work for a publishing firm in DC and specialize in magazine design. I rarely do much freelance work, but I made an exception for Kenneth. It was so fun to be a part of his book experience and help create the look of Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?

I actually liked the work so much that it inspired me to launch my own freelance company called Red Beard Graphics. I haven’t even publicly launched it yet, so you’re getting an exclusive! I specialize in print design and hope to lend my talents to editorial, advertising, marketing and gay wedding announcements.

Well with same-sex marriage a reality in DC, you’re poised to have a lot of business on your hands! For us outsiders, what’s the gay scene like in DC?

Good question. I can’t say that I’m much into the nightlife scene these days. But DC does have a big gay population. I think The New York Times recently called it the “Gayest Place in America“. The gays are very active here through work, group sports and going out.

I personally enjoy a nice dinner out with friends and maybe cocktails at a bar like Number Nine or Nellie’s—our gay sports bar. We recently lost the gay country-western bar Remington’s, where I spent a lot of time as a DC Cowboy.

DC Cowboy? Please tell me there were chaps involved!

Haha! Yes, we did wear chaps in a few numbers. The DC Cowboys Dance Company was a performing arts organization from 1994-2012. I was a member for 11 years. We performed all over the world and appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2008. It was a blast! Definitely an exciting chapter of my life.

Oh…I remember you guys! Brokeback meets Broadway! Do you still keep in touch with the rest of the Cowboys?

Yep, that was us! I do keep in touch with a few. I’m really good friends with the founder and director. But most of us have gone on to other things.

So you’re a talented dancer, a graphic designer with his own business… To wrap things up, what do you want the men of Manhunt out there to know about you?

Hmmm… another good question. This interview actually took a different direction than I anticipated. I think I was expecting more sex, so maybe we should end on that! I definitely enjoy a good roll in the hay, but at 41, I tend to be a little more pragmatic about things. Sex is very important to me—I’m a bit of a horn-dog— but that’s not all there is.

Logan Circle, District of Columbia, USA
Checking things out...
Looking for a quality guy for play or more. Important to make a connection on some level—physical or otherwise. Kissing is a huge turn-on. Into outdoor activities and being active. Always up for adventure—in the bedroom or otherwise.

usually prefer one-on-one. safe only. no pnp.
my stats are real. nice guy here. need a face pic to play and not really into "one-pic wonders."

I'm a man of simple means and simple needs. Let's not complicate things.

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