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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Interview with Seth Fornea

From:  Portis Wasp
 Hello Seth! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? 
Hi Portis! My name is Seth Fornea. I am a Louisiana bred boy from the Southern United States. I grew up on a horse farm and lead a very agrarian life as a child. My home town had a population of only 240 people. I excelled in school and obtained a masters in Chemistry. I currently work as a Chemist/Dancer/Model. I love travel, cooking, dancing, and going wild across the world with my friends!

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
An average day would be. Rise in the morning, 8 hour workday, heavy gym workouts after work, lather, rinse, repeat.

So back-up a minute, you're a go-go dancing chemist who models on the side? Like, woah. You’re like totally one of those really annoying men, who are really good at everything they do so get to do a bit of everything, aren't you?
I go-go dance all across the USA. I work at bars, promotions, and large circuit parties. I am good at only a few things. I am a great listener, I am a very talented gardener, and I am very efficient.

How did you get into modelling?
I started modeling simply by being photographed by a few talented men. I was on a bar in New Orleans dancing and Iggy Munoz of CandyMoon Photography asked to photograph me. The photos became very popular via social media and the ginger frenzy began! About a year later I was able to work with Alan F. Bradley, a very talented photographer, and those images seemed to skyrocket!

I take it you must be really comfortable with your body as you tend to appear half naked in most of your shoots? Not a criticism, just an observation!
I was a very late bloomer. During my teen years I felt very insecure, very shy, and very alone. I was sunburned often, covered in freckles, chunky (I wore the husky jeans from Walmart), and never really fit into any crowd. I began to come out of my shell during my 20's and in my late 20's really blossomed. I am 31 now and I can very honestly say that I am super comfy in my own body. Rejection happens. Once we get used to and understand that we can move forward in our lives and love our own bodies.

You recently shot with Colt Studios. Tell me a little about the experience, and what it ACTUALLY means for your fans? Hell, maybe it doesn't mean anything but maybe it means SOMETHING? 
Shooting with COLT was both a very professional and playful experience. We shot the images in May 2013 in NYC on a Saturday morning. The shoot with COLT is very special to me because we also did a video interview and behind the scenes of the photo shoot. For many of my fans it was the first time they had actually heard my voice and saw my mannerisms and personality beyond just images. My fans can expect to see more in the future. I would really enjoy trying my hand at acting.

I'm sure my readers will be pleased to her that!  So what has been your most fun shoot to work on?
The most fun shoot was with Alan F. Bradley. We shot on the coast of North Carolina. He had me wade out into a moss covered swampy lake and we took some epic shots of me in the swamp. The whole time I was posing small fish were sucking on my toes.

And the worst? There must be some horror stories, surely? Underwear that wasn’t flattering? Bad lighting that made your ginger locks look a dull shade of strawberry blonde? Crappy break time snacks? Divulge a little… 
I did a shoot for a small start up company in North Carolina. Nothing about the shoot was flattering. If was very amateur. The images came out worse than if we had used a disposable camera. Really tacky stuff like me reading a book with my hand down my pants...or me bound in chains. I never released or promoted any of this material. Lucky for me the company went bankrupt and those images are long gone. 

So does go-go dancing Seth have a signature move? 
I actually don't have a signature move. I do interact with the crowd a lot though! As a go-go dancer our main goal is to create atmosphere and energy in a room. My signature would be my positive energy I exude when I am on stage. When you look out into a crowd and see hundreds of people smiling and waving their hands at you you know you are doing your job right!

 So what kind of music do you like to dance to? Like, what would be 'the' song to dance to in your pants?
I love a good vocal cunty mix of a top 40 pop song. I also like a lot of the tribal beats with hard hitting base.  You know something that makes you wanna whip your hair back and forth before you fall out!

You recently embarked on a 30 day journey across the USA and Europe. What’s that all about?
Jared (my boyfriend) and I have started our journey in Barcelona for Circuit Festival. Circuit is a week long event full of day and night time dance parties. We wanted to experience the dance scene in Europe so we accompanied our friend DJ Brett Henrichsen and are having a blast! After we leave Barcelona we are going to spend time in London, Paris, and Amsterdam. We plan to experience the sites, indulge in the food, and hit the nightlife! This trek across Europe is all play and no work. In fact, this is the only non-working trip Jared and I have ever taken in our whole relationship. 

I take it you will be stopping off in Scotland? 
No plans for Scotland. Any particular reason you ask about Scotland?

Like 'duh', boy!  I'm legit Scottish! 

 What was the last film that made you cry? 
Cloud Atlas 

Which flavor of ice cream best describes your personality? 
Creole Cream Cheese

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question? 
Portis, you are new for me as well...can you introduce yourself to me?

Ha ha, sure.  I am a 30-year-old curly-haired blogger, creative, and table tennis player from Scotland who falls in love with movies, music and pop culture "moments" far too easily.  Partial to a bit of ginger.

What happens next? 
Right now I am sitting on a rooftop apartment in Barcelona. In about two hours I am hitting the gym and then going to a mega pool party by Matinee! The next big thing for me is WE Party Airlines in NYC Saturday August 31st at the Hammerstein Ballroom... I really hope to meet a lot of fans there! Its going to be the biggest dance event of the year in NYC! Come see me!

Packing a bag as we speak!  See you soon!

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