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Friday, November 29, 2013


From:  Manhunt Daily
 This might not be the best way to introduce a Manhunt Man of The Week interview, but Manhunt member Questionrofthecosmos won a special place in my heart when he described his dog Jigsaw as his “bestie”. Truth be told, the first picture below propelled me into a porno-esque fantasy where I stop on the street to ask about his dog, get drawn in by his bad-ass appeal and wind up back at his place with this in my mouth.

Of course, we’d have a lot more to talk about than his dog! Questionrofthecosmos is an interesting and often surprising guy. Shortly after we finished chatting on the record, he revealed to me that Landon Conrad is one of his favorite porn stars, which I honestly wouldn’t have seen coming from a mile away. (Don’t ask me why!) We also briefly discussed Manhunt Daily‘s anti-tattoo brigade and the potential for negative comments on this post. “Oh, I’m not worried about the haters,” he replied confidently. “I grew up in rural Montana. Had my share.”

 And that pretty much sums up Questionrofthecosmos! He’s his own man, and you can’t help but admire that. Our conversation remained very Manhunt-oriented with topics including his thick cock, cuddling and exploring the “view from the bottom”. Something tells me this only scratches the surface of who he is as a person, so you might want to send him a message with a few hard-hitting, um, “follow-up questions”.

Okay! A few things about your profile jump out at me. For starters, I have no fucking clue who Jayke Orvis, Shooter Jennings or Hank III are…

I’m really big into the rockabilly and Americana roots music scene. Shooter Jennings is the descendant of Waylon. Hank III is the son of Hank Williams Jr. Gutter punk rock ‘n’ roll.

Then, of course, there are your tattoos.

My tattoos are just another form of expression. I love going under the needle. It relaxes me. They all have stories… Some from meaningful times in life, others from drunken nights with tattoo artist friends.

I have hitchhiked across the country more than once, and my tattoos help me tell my story. Hard to fit all of me into this little interview,  but maybe enough to pique a hot guy’s interest.

 The third thing is a little less personal. I kind of need to talk about your 7.5″ x 6″ cock. That’s, um, pretty thick.

Never had any complaints… Other than dudes can’t take it. I think it’s perfect, but definitely makes me seek out the power bottoms.

They’re not always easy to find though, are they? Especially in Montana!

No. The scene here in Montana leaves much to be desired.

Where would you ideally like to live?

My goal, when I’m eventually done with school, is to live in San Diego. I am over this cold weather bullshit. Winter is no joke up here. Ten degrees this morning, and it just started. Makes for good cuddle weather though.

 Cuddling, eh? I wouldn't have guessed you’re a cuddler.

I am definitely a cuddler… But not with just anybody. I am a tough sell, but once you break through, I’m pretty much just a lover.

I’ll admit, part of that snap judgment was the word “Rough” listed in the “Intos” section of your profile.

Well, I am definitely into more wild than mild, but it all depends on the level of trust with that partner. I can go from a sweat-soaked spit session to lovey-dovey movie cuddles in the same night.

Tell me more about these sweat-soaked sessions.

I am exploring the view from the bottom and am enjoying every, ahem, inch of it. I love showering with a guy. Getting clean and fresh, then working ourselves up into a soaking wet frenzy. Nothing drives me crazier than a man with a fine sheen of sweat glistening on his body. Going from clean to dirty is so much fun.

Wait, wait, wait!  Go back for a second. Are you implying that you’re working on your versatility?

Indeed I am. Nothing like a prostate-induced orgasm, and I think, if I may, that I am turning into quite the insatiable bottom. But don’t worry. My cock isn't going to go to waste. I still love topping a nice ass.

Damn, now you got me hard. Do you feel like bottoming has made you a better top?

Actually, vice versa. I think being a good top has allowed me to become a better bottom. I know what I like in a bottom, as a top, so I try to be that kind of bottom. Active, engaged and verbal.

Would it be awkward to ask what sort of dirty talk turns you on? Direct quotes are appreciated.

Love it. Okay, let’s see…If I am with a big muscle guy older than me, I dig the daddy role play—but not in an incestuous way—the dom thing just gets me going. It’s all a fine line, though. I don’t like any sort of disrespect being submissive, so trust is key. I love when a guy asks things like, “Yeah, you like that big dick in your hole? You want it? Tell me you want it?” Then, of course, I beg for it.

Let’s be clear here though. Foreplay is just as, if not more important. I love when a guy tells me how hot I get him, or how he loves my cock. This can be at dinner, drinks, hours before the clothes come off. Gets me going.

So I take it you’re big on sexting?

I love sexting! Gets the mood alive and sparks the fire.

Well, I feel like I’m keeping you too long, and honestly, I need to go jerk off after all of this. To wrap things up, tell me about your ideal sort of man.

I want someone who is in it for the long haul. I have had my share of relationships—by no means a serial monogamist though—and I am ready for one that lasts for a good bit.

Rugged, edgy, educated and loving with a dash of asshole, a sprinkle of bad boy, a pinch of momma’s boy and a whole lotta libido. Pretty much the only gay thing about me is the sex, as far as stereotypes go. There are many shades in the rainbow, but most all my friends are straight guys and lesbians. I want a guy who can shoot guns with my dad as well as make my mom happy. Make sense?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: If it does make sense, shoot him a message and say "hello". Who knows what could happen from there? You might be a match made in Manhunt heaven.]

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