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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gay Former Football Player Says He Had Six Or Seven Gay-Ish Teammates

From: Deadspin
Philly Mag has an insightful look at the post-football life of Dorien Bryant, the first (almost) openly gay NFL player. The story is worth your time, if only because Bryant doesn't shy away from speaking his mind or gossiping.

The most interesting part of the story comes when Bryant, who went undrafted out of Purdue and was then cut by the Steelers before ever playing an NFL down, talks about having probably had a few gay teammates.
Dorien can recall several teammates he's certain were not exactly straight. "I think there had to be a solid six or seven guys, who—I'm pretty sure—I mean, they may not have been gay, but they would definitely get into bed with a guy." And while he says neither of them currently play in the NFL, he knows at least two Heisman winners he strongly suspects are gay.
The story's got more than just gossip, though. Bryant offers his thoughts on when the first gay NFL player will come out, and even trashes Jason Collins and Dan Savage. Head over to Philly Mag for the rest.

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