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Saturday, July 27, 2013

"It seems to me like your relationship is only built on a pile of sex that you flaunt to the whole world." -- Anonymous

"Sex (while awesome) is a very small part of our relationship.  I’m sorry that this is all you've allowed yourself to see, so I've made a list of non-sexual adventures I've shared with pup recently which better illustrate what our relationship is built on:

  • Pup smiling, when I took him flagging in the park
  • Pumpkin hustling for Halloween
  • Canoeing with our mutual friends
  • Camping out for the latest iPhone together
  • Taking a weekend trip to SoCal to watch the Book of Mormon together
  • Hiking Yosemite together
  • Touring my hometown of Santa Cruz
  • Did I mention we do flagging in the park a lot?
  • Shopping for Tiaras at Claire’s
  • I took pup to a Furry convention, we were attacked by furries
  • We workout together daily, but goof off a lot at the gym together
  • After introducing pup to the art of cheese platters, we started making and eating them weekly
  • We surprise each other regularly
  • Exchanging flowers is sort of a competition for us
  • We went to Playa del Carmen for a circuit party, but ended up just enjoying the beautiful playa together
  • Seriously, we send each other flowers so often, I have a budget for it
  • I was pup’s date for a beautiful wedding in Acapulco
  • We love flagging in the park
  • And my personal favourite: I taught pup how to ride a bike

I feel like our relationship is built on friendship, love, and respect…in addition to the mind blowing sex we have regularly.

If you’ve ever experienced this sort of wonderful relationship, then you’d see more than the incredible sex part.  But, since you can’t, I can only assume you’re a very sad, lonely, coward who has to make this comment anonymously." -- Noodles and Beef

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