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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mike - CMNM

Molest A Stranger
 "The hetero military man is made to jerk himself off while sitting between the pervy older clothed men. He's made to feel incredibly self conscious as he's stark naked with their eyes scanning his body, studying his twitching hard cock and watching his balls tighten up as he ejaculates a large pent-up load of semen. What a slutty straight boy!" -- CMNM
 "After having been forced to strip out of his suit, this high-and-mighty, arrogant lad from the City gets a good spanking before his vicious captor runs first one, then several fingers up the man’s tight straight-hole … and all for the viewing pleasure of a bunch of pervy old, wealthy men who can hardly contain the raging hard-ons in their trousers as they watch the ass of this formerly confident, straight businessman being beaten to pulp while his mancunt gets a good work-out …" -- 1001 Kinks

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