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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The entire Internet is trolling Donald Trump after his ridiculous late night ‘covfefe’ typo

From: Queerty
 At 12:06 a.m. on Wednesday, May 31, Donald Trump tweeted:
 Five hours later, that tweet was deleted and replaced with the following one instead:

It appears that Trump had meant to say “coverage,” but misspelled it. Then he fell asleep (likely in front of his television). When he woke up, just a few short hours later, he noticed the error and tried to correct it by making it into joke.

The Internet wasted no time making fun of #45 for his bizarre late night Twitter typo. Within minutes, #covfefe was trending on social media.

Urban Dictionary quickly created a definition for the word:

Twitter also went nuts:

Then there were the memes…

Ahhhhhh yessssss, the complaining on social media
about what people do with their social media.
The country is in ruin. 
#ParisAgreement is a BIG DEAL.
I am permanently terrified and pissed off.
But there's nothing I could've done that I was distracted from.
I see it all - and I'm laughing at this horrifying douchebag through my tears. 

#PEACE #CovfefeForAll

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