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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

7 Reasons Why Gay Men Love Hugh Jackman

From: Gay Pop Buzz
We gay men love Hugh Jackman, and who can blame us?

Hugh Jackman’s last performance as his signature character, Wolverine, has just hit theaters with an opening weekend of 88.3 million.

As this is his last time playing this role, many are wondering what’s next in store for the Australian actor. What isn’t up for debate is if there will be plenty of people willing to see whatever that next project is.

It seems that since his big break with the first X-men movie, Jackman has had a large following and specifically a large gay following. But why?

Here’s a list of seven reasons why gay men LOVE Hugh Jackman so much

Gay Rumors

We’re obsessed with talking about whether the man is gay or not.

Despite confirming that he’s straight, and even having a wife and kids at home, Hugh Jackman has been hounded by gay rumors for years.

Sites like Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post, (the late) Gawker, and more have repeatedly posted about these rumors.

Gay Broadway Character

Part of the reason for those rumors is that Hugh Jackman was fine with playing a gay character on stage. Twice!

Jackman acted in the Broadway musical Boy From Oz in which he acted as gay pop icon Peter Allen.

Several people were surprised by this flip performance as they’d gotten used to Jackman’s super masculine role of Wolverine. SNL created a sketch mocking the different performances, and Jackman recited, on the Ellen DeGeneres show, an incident when two younger viewers of the musical screamed out “No Wolverine. Don’t do it!” right before he was about to kiss a man.

He Love the Arts

It’s no surprised that gay people love the arts. From music, to theater, to fashion, and more.

As such, we love anybody who is a part of those worlds and we really love anyone who loves them just as much as we do. As such, gay men love Hugh Jackman.

Jackman loved the arts so much that he changed his career path to pursue a life in them! In the ‘90s he was enrolled at the University of Technology in Sydney for a BA in Communications. Then, in his senior year he took a drama theory class and decided to take up acting.

It was that fated moment in college that lead him to become the actor and celebrity personality we all know today.


And how do most of us know him? From playing Wolverine in the X-Men.

That’s right, Hugh Jackman may be finished with playing the Canadian mutant with claws, but we gay men love Hugh Jackman because he played as Wolvie for all these years.

While some of his other works like Kate and Leopold garnered him attention, it was the X-Men films that made him a household name. Plus, besides the pairs of actors playing Magneto and Professor X, the X-Men really just became the Wolverine show.

Any Time He Takes His Shirt Off

Don’t get us wrong, even just a sleeveless shot will do, but honesty is key and we gay men love Hugh Jackman when he takes his shirt off.

The Australian actor is a mass of muscles, which he trains regularly to maintain. His Instagram and Twitter are full of workout shots showing Jackman hard at work to keep his body tight. Then, the internet is full of shirtless shots where he shows off the assets he’s trained to maintain.

Seriously, how many times is Hugh Jackman shown shirtless to promote a new movie of his? Too many times to count. And thank god for that.

He’s Accomplished

But besides his physical looks, there’s a lot going on with the man. Specifically, gay men love Hugh Jackman because he’s accomplished.

Who wouldn’t love a man who has worked hard and seen heaps of success in his 20-something years of working?

Not only has Jackman found great financial success in his work, but also recognition for the things that he’s done. Jackman has won several awards such as the People’s Choice for Favorite Action Movie Star, a Golden Globe for his work in Les Misérables, the Empire Icon Award, and a Drama Desk for his role in A Boy From Oz.

In addition, Hugh Jackman has received two of the four major awards in the US and is halfway from joining the elite and exclusive club of EGOTs. The awards he has so far are a  Emmy for his performance at the 2004 Tony Awards, and a Tony for his performance of A Boy From Oz.

He Has a Great Personality

Lastly, and most importantly, he’s just an all-around great and entertaining guy. That’s why he’s hosted the Academy Awards and hosted the Tony awards 4 times.

Also, he’s a caring and funny person. His Instagram is full of personal and charming moments like times spent with his mother,  group selfies with his wife, playing his dogs, and his cheat day.

In addition, he’s a great guy who gives back to the world. Hugh Jackman has supported at least 27 charities such as Actors Fund for America, the Global Poverty Project, the Red Cross, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and the Cancer Research Institute.

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