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Friday, February 3, 2017

Surprise: Orange Powerbottom Brad Chase Is In Favor Of Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

From: Str8Up Gay Porn
 Last week (as seen to the left), we had a strong indication that Helix Studios performer Brad Chase was a supporter of Donald Trump. (I guess all these oompa loompas like to stick together.) Today, we now have clear proof that Brad Chase isn’t just a Trump supporter, but also a fan of Trump’s Muslim ban, a blatantly unconstitutional executive order blocking hundreds of millions of people from entering the United States, based solely on their religion or ethnicity.

 Just like Trump—with no facts, logic (none of the people mentioned in the below tweets were from Trump’s list of banned countries), or grammar, Brad Chase took to Twitter Sunday morning to try and make his ludicrous, bigoted case:

Despite the fact that no terror attacks in the United States have ever been committed by anyone from the countries on Trump’s list of banned countries, the cowardly Brad Chase, whose pathetic fears are based entirely on his own hatred of Muslims, continued:

If Helix, or any studio, decides to hire this clueless clown again, it will be noted here. Brad Chase’s best bet is to go and apply with Michael Lucas, where at least he’ll fit right in.

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