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Friday, February 10, 2017


From: Wicked
 For weeks now, the question on everyone’s minds has been: Where is Hillary Clinton? After losing the Presidential election to the world’s loudest cheeto (Donald Trump), she’s been very quiet and laying low, save for those countless walks in the woods where everyone and their mother kept running into her.

But last night, Hillary made her presence known. She’s been watching the news and she wanted everyone, especially the Trump administration, to know. Last night, after Trump’s muslim ban was defeated for the third time by the ninth circuit ruling against reinstating it, Clinton put on her reading glasses and opened her twitter app.

Incredibly effective, more so than anything Donald could pull together that’s sure. And we know Hillary ruffled a few feathers because who also decided to get cute on twitter? None other than alternative facts’ loudest and proudest champion Kellyanne Conway.

We’re willing to give Kellyanne credit where credit is due, this wasn’t bad. However, if you’re gonna dish it out, make sure you can take it, and as we all know, Kellyanne threw a big ol’ stone while leaving her glass house of alternative facts vulnerable. Phyllis Nagy, the screenwriter of Oscar nominee Carol, took a shot and delivered the final blow.

Poor Kellyanne, next time you’re feeling cocky just remember to humble yourself before someone does it for you.

We’ll rack up another loss for Team Trump.

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