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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

7 Reasons Hunky Celebs “Leak” NSFW Pics That Might Surprise You!

NSFW motivations for male celebs revealed
From: Gay Pop Buzz
 It seems that with each passing week, another male celebrity experiences a “leak” of his NSFW pictures or videos. Recent examples include well known personalities like Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom.

Once the images hit the web, it’s always mad rush to see the goods. At first glance, these “unauthorized disclosures” may seem random. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for the celeb to claim they have no idea how they got out.

Sound familiar?

When such things happen, there’s a tendency to feel bad for the star. After all, who really wants their peen pics to be seen by the entire world?

The answer to that question might surprise you. That’s because when you pull back the curtain and look beyond the salacious headlines, you’ll often find a well-oiled PR machine driving the story.

GPB spoke to an industry expert who helps to create buzz around various male entertainers. What follows are the top 7 reasons for NSFW leaks you might not know.

Robert Sepúlveda Jr. was on Logo’s Prince Charming
Timed before debut of show or movie

 Liam Hemsworth
 Have you ever noticed that just before the launch of a new television series or movie, a male celeb’s pics somehow “leak” onto the Internet? Usually cast as “unauthorized”, the spreads quickly throughout the blogosphere.

And in some cases, such as the case of Liam Hemsworth, the photos go viral.

Robert Sepúlveda Jr.
According to the source we spoke with on the condition of anonymity, such leaks are anything but unauthorized.

“Look back at the launch of Logo’s launch of Finding Prince Charming. It wasn’t an accident some of those pics and videos came out. They accomplished exactly what they needed to – create a buzz!” tattles our source.

In truth, gossip about Prince Charming (Robert Sepúlveda Jr.) did start to heat up well in advance of the show’s premiere. Rather intentional or not, nobody can argue the pics or his backstory didn’t generate headlines.

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