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Friday, November 11, 2016

Titan Men Releases Scene 2 of "Cauke For President" At the Best (OR WORST) Time

How timely.From: Fleshbot
 Though the election results ended awkwardly, we can still enjoy Alex Graham and Jesse Jackman flip flop fucking.

Talk about swaying the election results! (or, don't.)

And talk about Jesse Jackman doing no wrong!

Just last week, Jesse Jackman played the hottest police officer you've ever seen, and fucked Lorenzo Flexx into oblivion.

 And today, he's playing the hottest politician, possibly to ever live. 
He can really do no wrong.

From Titan Men:

Disgraced former senator Mike Cauke is back—and this time, he’s out to pass anti-discrimination legislation as his CAUKEPAC turns red heat into blue balls. House Speaker Ryan Paul (Alex Graham) gets some nudging from lobbyist Jesse Jackman to bring the bill to the floor—a deal sealed with a kiss, some sucks and a balls-deep fuck.
It's like they say "Pussy runs the world". And in this case, it's ass-pussy. Sometimes, you have to use what you have to get shit done. And Jesse uses his muscles, cock, and ass to get his bill passed. Using sex to get ahead certainly takes balls. And you have to admire Jesse's.

But also, can we admire Alex Graham for a second?

Adorable baby face, nice muscles, and beautiful cock. It certainly shouldn't be tough for him to get anything passed in Congress...except his ass.

Speaking of ass, can we admire Alex Graham's for a second?

I know we just admired his cock, and all that, but still. That ass is definitely special. (sidenote: is he actually married, or just playing a part?)
 And you knew how perfect Jesse Jackman is, so we don't need to go over that. We can just admire:

If he was your politician, what would you let him pass?

  So naturally these two probably would have ended up hooking up, even if there wasn't a bill to pass.
First, Jesse takes Alex's ass, fucking him until he can't take it any more.

But then the guys flip, and Alex Graham gets a taste (and a feel) of Jesse's muscular, daddy ass.

Is Jesse Jackman and Alex Graham Flip Flop Fucking a nice make up for the election results?

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