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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Austin Armacost Yoga Nude: "You look like a roast chicken"

From: Fleshbot
 We've already had a ton of sexiness this week here at Fleshbot Gay, so I feel comfortable taking a risk on something that's either sexy, funny, or really fucking stupid. You decide! If you've seen a second of the A-List: New York, then you'll know Austin Armacost is so so hot and so so much like a Real Housewife with a real drinking and attitude problem. On the reality series he had aspirations of becoming a Playgirl model, but that didn't end up materializing, so he's taken to his other reality shows and now Instagram to show off his nude bod. Where there's a will there's a way!

 I actually met Austin Armacost when he was the VIP celeb guest at a charity event for the Gay Games in Cleveland, and boy was he a turd. The event was a little sad and featured a most likely tainted buffet and watery drinks at the Indians stadium, and grl acted like he was Blue Ivy going to North West's birthday party: Too good. I see you Austin, you're the North West. He hung around his two friends for the entire time even though the Games spent too much money to have him there, and while I did get my picture taken with him just in case he became famous for a leaked sex tape, he wasn't happy about it.

 Luckily Austin's fuckability hasn't been too hurt by his meh personality, and if you'll remember back to last September, a lot of us were thrilled when he showed ass and back sack on Celebrity Big Brother. In those pictures we can see that he's got a plump rump and honestly great balls. The view we get in Austin Armacost's new Instagram picture (Top, Left), on the other hand, mighttttt be working against him. Austin can be seen displaying about 1.5 inches of waxed ass crack (and you can see the enthused waxer in the (other pics), and adds the comment:

Just a little Sarvangasana to start the day#NakedYoga

 I knew that the Insta comments were going to be great on this one. A surprising amount of people are totally up his ass with comments like "Tweet the front," "Wish i could put my tongue between your cheeks," "Well, that certainly jump started MY day. Thank you and namaste," and "Wooooow... Angel body," (wut?) but user emmelinejt really came through for us with the deadpan:

You look like a roast chicken

HAHAHA! I mean what else is there really to add? He really fucking does. Of course there are plenty of other ass shots from Austin's Instagram, but I hope when he makes it onto TMZ for throwing a hissy fit as the VIP at some tragic event, that this is the picture they use. Tell us what you think! 

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