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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fully Functioning

From: Big Whack Attack
 Today, as Lord Patrick reminds us, is World Cancer Day. And, while I dedicate each 15th day of the month to Buddy Ball Check, it's incumbent upon me to remind all men that they can also develop breast cancer. So, today, I want you to check those pecs


 and don't forget the nipples.
  Feel for any unusual lumps. Male breast cancer kills a larger percentage (not a larger number) of men than women. Why? Because most men - and even many physicians - don't think they are susceptible to the disease. But we are guys, we can become victims of breast cancer as easily as the ladies.
 Penile Cancer is another one of those insidious diseases most men are not cognizant of when it comes to their genital health. But cancer does not discriminate, guys. No, it does not. So, grab that cock and give it a really, really good inspection.
 If you've got a spot anywhere on your cock
 even if it doesn't (perhaps especially if it doesn't) hurt, that is there longer than a few days, hightail to your doctor and have it looked at.
 Seriously, if cock cancer is found early enough, perhaps a minor surgical treatment is possible
 you can keep yours fully intact, and fully functioning.



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