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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bears Abound! Here Are 99 Hairy Chests We Love

From: OUT
Pablo Hernandez

With a career spanning over four years, Pablo Hernandez has been making his mark on the entertainment industry like no other. His extensive resume and wide list of accomplishments is proof that Pablo is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up in Miami, he began voice acting at a young age by voicing real life characters in foreign films. Having been told he had 'a great look' by many industry professionals, he decided to get in front of the camera and hasn't looked back since. His first major booking came very soon with a global Reebok Classic ad campaign and the bookings started rolling in. Very soon, the international community showed an interest in Pablo's multicultural look and flew him to the Netherlands to shoot for the cover and editorials in Spain's Revista Nois, an UK Kismet Magazine, and France's Mensuel Magazine with photographer Armando Branco. American magazines such as Instinct took notice of Pablo's rising star worldwide and had him shoot with renowned photgrapher Rick Day to grace the cover of their February swimsuit issue along with a very personal and moving interview. He then flew to Paris to shoot with fashion photographer Brice Hardelin for the cover of Sensitif Magazine and was later asked to be on the cover the gay romance novel 'Running In Bed' by author Jeffrey Sharlach. After a long time of expanding his brilliant commercial acting, print, and cover modeling repertoire; Pablo decided to move to New York City to focus on TV/film/web acting beginning with a starring role in the dramatic short Tribeca film 'Tunnel Vision' where he played a U.S. soldier returning from the war in Afghanistan. Just when Pablo thought he was done modeling, he was approached by the infamous clothing designer Andrew Christian to star in one of their widely popular short promo films. He is the first and only Andrew Christian model to have produced, created, and starred in their quirky videos. 'A Brief Love Affair' launched Pablo into his effortless modeling and acting persona. Pablo now has eight videos under his belt and after his first video reached nearly half a million views online, Andrew Christian decided to green light a two part sequel currently in pre-production where Pablo once again wrote the script, will produce, star in, and now put on the hat of assistant director as well. This success drove Pablo to make the inevitable move to Los Angeles to pursue acting further. Pablo is now very proud to be a part of the hit gay sketch comedy web series 'Steam Room Stories' where he gets to show his love of comedic acting. Whether acting in a tv commercial or film, or modeling for the cover of international magazines, Pablo is a diverse talent - a hit with fans everywhere who appreciate and acknowledge his talent, sex appeal, hard work, and ever rising star.

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