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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kevin Bernhardt & the Rare Rear Frontal

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 In most 1990's straight to VHS action movies, most of the actors, struggling to maintain their careers did partial nudity. Most of the actress's bare their breasts, and many of the actors drop trou for a butt shot. A few actors and actress's even agree to frontals, but most, from a distance, and usually lit very darkly. There is another variation to the nude scene, extremely rare, so rare that I can only think of one or two other examples. That view, the male rear frontal...

 In 1993's Treacherous, the oh so beautiful Kevin Bernhardt, has the usual, run of the mill prerequisite sex scene. Rolling around in bed, shown naked from the side, with just a hint of ass, the usual modus operandi for actors not wanting to show too much. But this scene took a fun turn. When Kevin was getting out of bed after the deed was done, we get a quick glimpse of the full package, from the rear.

 I am not sure if Kevin has exceptionally big genitalia, or if he just didn't have time to properly adjust before standing up. Regardless, we get more than just a hint of ball, but a partial Monty from the flip side. A rare cinematic find... :) I won't even get started on that hair....

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