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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Game Of Soggy Biscuit Turns Into An All-Out Orgy Oct 20, 2015 | Posted b

But no one came on the cookie. And no one ate it.
From: Fleshbot
 Ever heard of "Soggy Biscuit"?

 Popular among fraternities all over the country*, and adolescents just figuring out their bodies and their adolescence all over the world, Soggy Biscuit is a game of speed. The premise? You and all of your homeboys gather 'round a biscuit, and you wank your cocks. Whoever is the last to cum has to eat the biscuit. Great, because it teaches you how to masturbate quickly so you don't get caught, and also teaches you how to focus...especially if you're gay and don't want anyone to find out.

 Well these boys at Eurocreme - Danny Montero, Jaxon Radoc, Jeremy Chris, Kamyk Walker, and Kimi Monroe - didn't get all of these memos. Instead of jerking their own cocks, they started jerking each others. And soon, they were in an all-out orgy.

 But what do you expect when you stick 5 swimmers in a house all summer? Testosterone is sure to fly - it's BASICALLY like being in a fraternity. Kimi is the one that invites them all to play Soggy Biscuit, so Jaxon can get acquainted with his new roommates. Pretty soon, "a melee of lithe young bodies" forms, with Danny and Kimi getting intimate, and Jeremy, Kamyk and Jaxon forming one of those threesomes, and getting intimate in a way that would make Austin Wilde proud.

 Luckily, at the end of all that fucking, they return to the biscuit, and stand around it to haphazardly cum. At least they tried?

 So. Have you ever played Soggy Biscuit, or is it just a myth?

 (*No it's not. Source? I was in a fraternity, and nothing like this ever happened. But I'm not a fantasy-ruiner, so.)



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