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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Leaving Josh? Devastated Anna Duggar & Kids Reportedly Move In With Her Parents Following Husband’s Humiliating Sex Scandal

From: Radar Online
Where in the world is Anna Duggar?

Aside from a brief, somber appearance at Amy Duggar King‘s wedding earlier this month, Josh‘s long-suffering wife hasn’t been out and about since her disgraced husband confessed to cheating and a porn addiction.

But now, In Touch claims the stay-at-home mom, 27, and her four young children have fled their native Arkansas and the Duggar family for her parents’ home in Florida.

RadarOnline.com can reveal that Anna’s mother and father, Mike and Suzette Keller, own a woodsy retreat in north central Florida— a perfect spot to protect the humiliated Anna from prying eyes.

But unfortunately, as sources have exclusively told Radar, the Keller parents are unlikely give their daughter the strength to divorce her accused child molester and adulterer husband of seven years.

“They won’t encourage a separation,” a source told Radar in August. “They think she should work it out with him.”

And though Anna’s big brother Daniel publicly begged her to leave Josh, In Touch claims the dutiful Christian wife is standing by her man— and even plans to visit him in rehab.

“She’s looking forward to seeing him in a month or two when the first spousal visitation is allowed,” an insider tells the magazine. “She just prays that he gets the help he needs so they can go on with their life together, despite everything he did to her.”

After Josh admitted to sinful behavior, porn star Danica Dillon claimed he paid her for a night of rough sex.

He is expected to remain in his Bible-based rehab for up to six months.

Should Anna dump Josh for good? Sound off in the comments.

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Mark Greene said...

Though I've heard of the Duggars i am not totally familiar with their story.I know they have a shit load of kids. I know there was some type of sex scandal but I never got much into the story.if the man is addicted to pornand can't control his urges to watch itgetting the help that he needs is best for him and his family but the wife needs to understand that just because he's getting help doesn't mean that his behaviors are going to changethis will be something that will be with him for the rest of his life so if she's willing to deal with it more power to you sister.now if he likes to go out and play rough with other women.maybe the problem is she's just too sweet and nice for him under the covers. maybe it's time for her to amp it up a little. Get your freak on. My suggestion is investing in some leather hooker bootsput on that blonde wig and work itgive him no reason to want to look elsewhere for it. now as far as the children are concerned if he's molesting the children or any children for that matter if you choose to stand by your man that's your prerogative however when it comes to the childrenprotecting them is what should be number one priorityit's okay to have forgiveness it's okay to endure whatever your man brings to you and you forgive him.so when it comes to your man being a danger to others that's where the line should be drawn

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