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Saturday, June 28, 2014

AussieBum’s Founder Dishes On The Perfect Skivvies And Which Celebs He Wants In His Underwear

From: Queerty
Sean Ashby
 Nobody takes their skivvies as seriously as gay men. They can be playful, tasteful, scandalous, sexy or cute. Hell, there are entire parties where the dress code limits you to your briefs, and they’re the last tease before getting intimately acquainted with a new partner.
So it makes sense that we pay close attention to what’s connected to our elastic waistbands. Cut, material, color, prints, support — these are all important factors when finding the perfect pair to complement your assets.
And while there are a million brands on the market, some have risen to the top, proving that all undies are not created equally. aussieBum is among the best of the best.
Queerty chatted briefly with aussieBum founder Sean Ashby about his company that has found a home in so many of our dresser drawers.

 What defines the ideal aussieBum guy?

He’s someone who recognizes his own values as a person and isn't afraid to stick by them. He’s fun and doesn't take life too seriously. He has an adventurous spirit with a passion for wide open spaces and summer time exploration. His confidence and self-belief are clear through his strong physique and mentality.

Which celebs would you most like to see in your underwear?

I think it’s hard to align the brand with any one celebrity, but…if I had to mention a few I would love to see in my product on, Bradley Cooper is great. He’s a handsome, confident and talented guy who has a real effortless charm that fits aussieBum perfectly. U.K. diver Tom Daley would be another one; young, successful, fun and the courage he showed recently in coming out was great to see and I think a real inspiration and motivator for young adults. Hugh Jackman is another one for me, he is an Aussie, of course, and in peak physical shape which he works hard to maintain.

 How has your target audience changed since you launched aussieBum in 2001?

As the typical male stereotype has matured globally, the aussieBum brand has kept up using innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is expected or considered acceptable, we like being creative in our product story lines whilst not being stereotyped by feeling we have to conform. We do realize though that many still hold true to their original ideas on what is sexy and what they like to wear, some of our audience has also matured and changed and enjoyed coming on the journey with us over the years. Nowadays we release new products on a weekly basis from statement color block underwear to technically advanced swimming trunks to sports inspired leisurewear. To make sure we are still producing relevant, on trend product that speaks to all of our aussieBum customers, I make a point to our customers that they can talk to myself directly.

Since Summer is upon us, any tips on finding the perfect individual swimwear style?

One of our main statements is “if you doubt yourself, wear something else” so the most important thing is for you to feel happy and confident and love the style you are in. Generally it’s always good for fair skin people to go with the darker colors and darker skin types to lean towards lighter colors, complementing your skin tone is important which is why we like to provide a huge variety in products. If you want to fit into current style and trends, choose a shape that’s more body contouring like our Handlebar products which have shape enhancing lines in the design. Today there are no real set rules anymore. It really is about self-expression and choosing what a person looks great in is a very personal choice as they will be the ones everyone will be staring at if they get it just right. When in doubt, you can never lose with square cuts like our League, Freshhh or new A-Game styles. If you've got it, then flaunt it with a looser pouch finish – it’s really about which style makes you feel great. For me it’s all about mix and match. Have fun with it and once you realize your best cut and color’s that suit you, push your own boundaries!

What do you want people to know about aussieBum that they might not already?

I want people to know I started my company with the prime objective to pay my rent on time and to allow myself to spend the afternoons at the beach. I never thought aussieBum would become what it is today worldwide. I came up with the name ‘aussieBum’ because I’m an Aussie and I used to be a beach bum. After 14 years I have had my ups and downs and what has always driven me is the incredible loyalty and love of the brand by the people who wear it with such pride.
It’s also important for me that people know we never forget where we come from, and we are never afraid to show our support for same sex marriage and equal rights for all, we support a variety of events and movements, some behind the scenes and sometimes at the forefront. If I ever had to choose where my loyalties lie, it is and always will be with my culture, the gay community worldwide. I wouldn't be where I am today without them and I am proud they still buy my products and act as real brand ambassadors for aussieBum.

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