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Friday, April 4, 2014

Dustin Zito

 Despite growing up in a small town, Dustin considers himself "a city boy at heart". Characterized by what MTV describes as a "boyish charm and southern gentleman demeanor", Dustin grew up with a bi-polar, drug addicted mom and an abusive stepfather. Although he was constantly shuttled between parents, relatives and various friends' houses, he worked hard to maintain relationships with his family, though his brother Quay visits in Episode 8.

He worries as to whether he will develop bipolar disorder, from which his mother suffers. He once lived in the house featured on Fratpad, a live webcam site in which he and other men engage in sexual activities with one another, though he stresses that he is straight and did this purely for a living, and he hopes to put that past behind him. He further explains that his mother's Pentecostal beliefs precluded him from playing sports, and that not wanting to work in oil fields or sell drugs, he chose that line of work because of limited options. An avid fan of racing, his friends see him as a highly competitive young man whose good looks help him socialize with women. Although he initially expresses an aversion to romance with his housemates in the premiere, he later begins a romantic relationship with Heather in that same episode, which later becomes sexual, but when she and the rest of the cast learn he has concealed a past in gay porn, Heather breaks up with him, and the others feel betrayed.

Remember a few years ago when everybody suddenly cared about Dustin Zito, a former Fratmen model who appeared on MTV‘s The Real World? I sure as hell don’t! After coming across Dustin’s bed-humping session on Tumblr, I knew there was something very, very, very familiar about him.

Despite my sneaking suspicion that he worked for College Dudes, Fraternity X, Corbin Fisher or some other porn site that would hire a dude with man-bangs and a unbelievably fuckable bubble butt, I started drafting up a post about this clip for The Amateur Hour. Then, three things happened as I was about to wrap up my final paragraph…

One of my Manhunt colleagues saw Dustin’s ass from across the office and had your typical, “WHOA, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?” reaction. Another coworker chimed in, “Isn’t that Dustin Zito? I remember that video,” and then the last of those three things happened—I died inside and questioned why anyone would ever allow me to do this job, given my terrible memory and inability to remember anyone’s face.

The good news is, Dustin’s ass is hot enough to justify a not-quite-retro Flashback Friday entry, and since you guys are quick to forgive partner-beating shitheads like Sebastian Young and Ryan Rose, you probably don’t care that Mr. Zito was once arrested for sexually assaulting a woman! Oh, the way lust blinds us.

Before you hit play, I’d just like to offer up an advance warning that you shouldn't watch this with the volume up. There’s a point midway where Dustin has a Billy Eichner moment and randomly yells at the camera, “NO, I HAVEN’T BEEN LAID LATELY!” Then he continues to be very naked and very attractive, before wrapping things up by awkwardly by singing an R&B song to the camera.

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