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Thursday, March 6, 2014


The Place Beyond the Pines may have come out in 2012, but that deleted scene featuring Gosling’s bulge extended his sex appeal into the past year. Gangster Squad pretty much bombed with most critics, and I barely remember Only God Forgives existing, so perhaps it was a good time for the hunky actor to take a well-deserved break…

In case you missed the link at the end of our Popular Demand roundup, there’s a deleted scene from last year’s The Place Beyond the Pines in which Ryan Gosling strips down and gives us a decent glimpse at his bulge. If trimmed out all the boring bits from the original clip, without any additional context, this excerpt might  feel more like the opening of a gay porn scene from Parole Him or Drill My Hole.

At this point, I invite you to finish the script and write down what occurs between the police officer and Gosling’s character after the line, “Don’t throw your shit at me”. Hint! Your story should involve a ton of anal sex. Though it’d make most sense, given the power dynamic, for Gosling to bottom, the size of his bulge might lead you in other directions…

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