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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 I feel like I can count the number of scenes James Jamesson released in 2013 on both hands, but I would need to grow a few extra limbs to count the amount of times I jerked off to those scenes. Whether trimmed neatly or so unruly you could lose a small pet inside of his beard, my submissive fantasies often involved sliding my hole down onto James’ thick shaft (which took the top prize on our “Best Dicks of 2013” countdown).

 James seems like the type of guy who’d push your limits as a bottom. He’d fuck you a few minutes longer than you thought you could take it, then pull out and make you long for the feeling of his cock back inside of you. You’d beg for more, and he’d tease your ass until you’re on the verge of a breakdown. Then he’d slam all the way in and make you scream, until you get so into it that you’re pushing back and asking for it harder.

 This might not be an accurate description of what James is like in bed, but it’s an accurate description of how I’d want him to be with me. My only concern, moving forward, is that his beard will grow so long in 2014 that it swallows the world whole. We’ll have to wait and see! Anything could happen.

 Circus bearded man James Jamesson is like a Viking: barrel-chested, with dense red body hair. Staring at an old snapshot of a masked man sucking a cock gets James hard. When he strips, his skin is pale making the red in his pubes stand out even more. This bearded man has a secret talent, he can suck his own cock, and he proceeds to get the head of his dick in his mouth while in a shoulder stand. That’s the super erotic position he’s in when circus performer Dale Cooper comes in. 

 Dale – a handsome guy, with a long, curved cock hanging down from retro, bushy pubes - gets out of his clothes quickly, because he wants what James is having. Dale's. James passes the meat from his mouth to Dale's. They try other sleight-of-cock tricks you won’t see under the big top, like James sucking himself while Dale sucks his balls. When James comes up for air, his tongue gravitates to Dale's hole, which is dilated and pulsing. Dale tells him to fuck it, and the penetration is bone-steady to the sweet spot. Dale grabs a ladder for support and takes it every way that James can deliver it. After three positions, both men are awash in sweat and the jism flows like a downpour.

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