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Thursday, February 6, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

From the people who brought you Ben Cohen‘s line of underwear, we've got a man who embodies that bald-headed “UNF” factor that Bruce Willis and Jason Statham pull off so well. Andrew Ramming‘s outdoor underwear shoot embodies so many masculine ideals that it’s practically impossible to fit them into one sentence.

Bluebuck Underwear is most commonly known within the gay community for Ben Cohen‘s custom line of briefs, trunks and boxers. Today, they’ll also be known for delivering us this lengthy photo shoot with DILF-tastic model Andrew Ramming (who sounds like he should be a porn star, based on his name alone). It fits their mission statement quite nicely:

We believe in men being men. We believe mountains were made for climbing, rivers were made for swimming, and fun is getting wet, cold, dirty and exhausted. We believe self-confidence is more attractive than self-obsession. We believe perfection isn't sexy. We believe underwear decorated with garish colors, cartoon animals and dumper trucks are great…  for two year olds.”

I’m mostly a fan of the parts about self-confidence and perfection not being sexy. That said? Andrew is perfect in a “I want him to take me camping and do me against a tree” sort of way.

Photo credit: Bluebuck Underwear

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