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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taylor & Kent - Corbin Fisher

 "Do we ever have some New Years Eve fireworks for you - Taylor getting his tight hole fucked for the first time, with Kent doing the honors! 

 Taylor has settled in wonderfully at CF, having himself some fun with CF Live and getting along great with the other guys. Both he and his brother, in fact, have really

 opened themselves up to some new experiences (we just recently saw Tyler top a guy for the first time). 

 Ever the older brother and doing things first, Taylor takes things a step beyond what Tyler recently did, getting his hole fucked! 

 As hot as it is having two studly brothers like Taylor and Tyler at CF, I had been worried that dynamic could cause each of these guys to hold back a bit and be wary of trying new things. There's something about knowing your brother

  will be quite aware of what you're up to and what you've done that could result in either or both of these studs not wanting to go all out, or at least being a bit restrained when doing something new and different. Thankfully, its apparent such worries were unfounded - if there was any restraint or hesitation in Taylor's mind, it all goes out the window once he gets Kent's cock in his ass. He cant help but embrace the fact that he loves how it feels, and an insanely hot video is what results!" -- Corbin Fisher



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